Thursday, July 19, 2018

Star Trek behind the Scenes - Guy Ramon

Hallie Todd, who played Data's daughter, Lal, came from a family of Trekkers.

 What role did her stepfather, Guy Ramon, play in the popular Star Trek-classic, " The Trouble with Tribbles"? (seen here with Trader, Cyrano Jones at the K7 Space Station)

Have a guess, Ramon was one of these..... answers,

A. Klingon
B. An Enterprise (NCC 1701) crew member
C. The Bartender 

Live Long and Prosper


Liz A. said...

He certainly doesn't look like a Klingon.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

They both look too old to be her father.

Tony Laplume said...


Spacer Guy said...

In the classic series Liz Klingons had smooth foreheads so it is possible ....
You never can tell with parents, L. Diane
No 3 the Bartender, congrats Tony

Susan Kane said...

Klingons evolved over the decades before they reached their fruition.

I loved the episode about Data's daughter. I cried.

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