Wednesday, October 24, 2018

To Boldly Discover Star Trek

Are Fans Rejecting Star Trek Discovery?

So with Netflix footing the bill for the entire season 1 of Star Trek Discovery. The question remains. Is the new show a financial success?

As predicted by the licensees the ship and costume designs and overall deviation from Star Trek Canon has caused a backlash in the fan community.

Discovery toys aren't readily available in stores except online...hmmm its a different story. Amazon is a good place to search. You can find a Sonequa Martin-Green STAR TREK DISCOVERY Autographed photo for $65... so if you've got the bucks to blow.. shes waiting for you!

But lets get serious for a second, the new changes have caused an unmistakable rupture in the space time continuum between borderline fans who dislike ST Discovery and fans who love it.

So which side are you on? Do you love the new Star Trek Discovery Costumes? or prefer the older kelvin timeline....... Kirk, Picard, Janeway, Seven of Nine perhaps or maybe McFarlane Fox toys? hehe CBS must be loving this. What about the JJ abramsverse Star Trek movies?

In some sense Star Trek Discovery was to Star Trek Fans what Star Wars the last Jedi would become later to Star Wars fans. Which timeline are you casting your vote in favor of?  Hey maybe you loved Star Trek Into darkness..............

Live Long and prosper.


  1. I am really fan of Star war movies and enjoy the movies trailer. The whole story of movies is sound like future of the earth. I love to watch sci-fi movies. Last I Watch Glass 2019 Online new sci-fi movie trailer. It was amazing and I love to enjoy the film.

  2. I like all the timelines. It's not that though - it's the darker tone and the look of the Klingons that I don't like.
    And I'm one of those rare people who really liked The Last Jedi and had no problems with it.

  3. I loved the red uniforms of the STNG. They had an elegance.

    Khan had the coolest uniform. that black and cape really hit his character spot on.

  4. If anything goes on long enough, there'll be a backlash to any changes. Discovery is still too new. TNG wasn't looked fondly upon when it began, either.


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