Monday, January 21, 2019

Forbidden Planet VS Star Trek and Star Wars

Forbidden Planet is one of the greatest Sci Fi classics starring Leslie Nielsen and Robbie the Robot. This film has elements of William Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' showing Nielsen's cool spaceship landing on a rich, strange new world. Here the Silver age represents hope and prosperity - Sci Fi has grown up. CGI forget about it.

 Instead Disney artisans (Joshua Meador) used their ingenuity and craftsmanship during 1956 to make it so. Who did our brave explorers find amidst the huge panorama scenery to greet them? Dr Morbius, his daughter Alta and robbie the Robot of course but all was not what it seemed... For viewers today Robbie might seem a bit trite but in 1956 Robbie's sophistication was revolutionary and a true delight in the cinema.


 7% of the movies budget $125,000 went into making Forbidden Planets most memorable character and it was a lot of dough for the time. But heres an interesting video for you to geek out over trekkers. Curiously I'd swear that F P's set was really quite similar to Star Trek's and Star Wars! Why? Simple really - heres my comparison,


1)The Scientist - Dr Morbius (Walter Pidgeon in black uniform) powerful mind projects a monster. This guy resembles Darth Vader from (Star Wars)

2) Spaceship Captain Leslie Nielson - Captain Kirk (Star Trek)

3) Alta (Anne Francis) plays a gorgeous spacebabe in a miniskirt (Star Trek+Star Wars) have lots of sexy women in minis. Spain stupidly banned Forbidden Planet for over a decade because of this controversy.

4) F. P's events took place in the 23rd century so did Star Treks.

5) Forbidden Planets "Main Title" theme was ripped off some say - Star Wars "main title" is similar.

6) Mercury changed to Altair IV sound similar?

7) Frank Darro, Frankie Carpenter uncredited for playing Robbie. Marvin Miller uncredited for the voice.
Conversely Kenny Baker received worldwide acknowledgment for playing R2D2.

8) Doors in F.P. swish like the ones in Star Treks USS Enterprise 1701

What do you believe? - see that button down there? make yourself heard!

Is Forbidden Planet one of the greatest science fiction movies of time? Why?
Do you think Robbie is bound by Isaac Asimov's three laws of Robotics?



  1. Spain banned Forbidden Planet? Their loss.

  2. Hi...there is no real doubt in my mind that Forbidden Planet -made in 1956 is certainly something way ahead of it's time..the movie would have had a huge impact on people such as Gene Roddenberry and other Sci-Fi thinkers and designers and there is no doubt that STAR TREK released for TV back in 1966 was in some ways -in it's design, appearance and look- was influenced by Forbidden Planet. For now- more anon. Regards. KEV.

  3. A lot of science fiction is built on the ideas that came before. It's always good to see how one Sci-Fi classic inspired another.

  4. There really are only a few basic plots. And most sci fi falls into certain tropes. So sure, the outline of all can be spied in several different stories.

    But, it's all in the execution. And the more good stories we have out there, the better.

  5. I still don't get why the women on Star Trek still wear such short dresses. At least give them some leggings or something! lol

  6. I saw Forbidden Planet decades ago and still remember it well. Everyone was incredibly young then. I loved the way special effects were managed. Damn that Dr. Morbius.

  7. Yes EC Spain goofed up on this score.

    I love Forbidden Planet Kevin, its one of my favorite sci-fi films showing an outlook, it boldly explored forbidden worlds first.

    This is one movie Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas borrowed ideas - James.

    The story was by Irving Block and Allen Adler who made sure to captivate viewers with the right high talk guys, Dr Morbius is far from harmless, Susan. The sound effects stimulate the sensation, mood and emotion, Fey. The visual effects simply superb, Liz!

  8. Still have yet to see it.

  9. Forbidden Planet worth watching Tony and should luck prevail, you'll catch it on youtube

  10. Funny, while in Egypt, the guide repeatedly commented about how girls from Spain notoriously wore short skirts which was uncourteous to the locals. See where censorship goes. While I do see the contrast between Leslie Nielson and Captain Kir, the connection to Darth Vader is less obvious. Robbie, though, is more C3Po than R2D2 in my opinion.

  11. Sounds like a few things were "borrowed"


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