Wednesday, June 12, 2019


Only two actors read for the role of Commander Data of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D (remember our android friend who got blown to bits in Star Trek nemesis?)

 Of course we know now Brent Spiner became Data, but the other actor went on to portray a recurring character on Star Trek The Next Generation.

Which of these three is it?  and what role did he play?

1.) Roger C. Carmel  aka Harry Mudd (Role: Conman, Swindler and Scam Artist)

2.) Michael Dorn aka Worf ( Role: Klingon/ Chief of Security )

3.) Eric Menyuk aka Time-traveler ( Role: Scientist playing second banana to Kozinski )

Live long and Prosper my trekker friends.


  1. I thought it was Menyuk but had to Google to be sure.

  2. The Traveler was a great consolation prize, an increasingly underrated element of TNG.

  3. Going with my gut and not googling, I'd say Menyuk too--he just had that 'look' about him.

    PS. Roger Carmel?? I thought he died before TNG hit the air-waves...THAT I'll google! :)

  4. Carmel would be too old. Michael Dorn anyone but Worf? I'm guessing Menyuk.

    And thank you so much for using trekker instead of trekkie. The latter always makes me feel like a teen again.

  5. Sometimes I throw in a mind twister to throw you guys off track. Roger C. Carmel is dead ApacheDug but his character Harry Mudd is a recurring addition to Star Trek discovery and still very much alive.

    I guess Trekker is the modern version of Star Trek fan Donna

    Hey remember when Wes said "he just phased" so hilarious no-one else saw it Tony.

    Yeah you got it in one Alex. I wonder if Spiner would have played the Time Traveler?

  6. It can't be Michael Dorn as Worf was a regular, not a recurring character. But I don't know.

  7. As usual I am clueless, but glad that my ignorance isn't shared (and was reduced).

  8. Worf could only be played by Michael Dorn. I got to meet him at Supercon last year.

  9. You've stumped me on this one. I remember hearing somewhere that Patrick Stewart was considered for the role of Data before they cast him as Picard.

  10. Menyuk? It has to be.

    Patrick Stewart as Data? That would have been sacrilege.


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