Monday, September 16, 2019

45th Saturn Awards - Star Trek Winners

 Hollywoods filmmakers have cast their votes for The 45th Saturn Awards. So the academy elite membership of head honchos - J J Abrams, Bryan Singer, Steven Spielberg, Bryan Fuller, Mark A Altman, Vince Gillgan and James Cameron have spoken.

Indeed some say Star Trek finally won awards because so much is right about it. Finally Gene Roddenberry's legacy is being recognized - real acting awards for real actors, not just achievements in sound, special effects, costume, editing, hairstyling, makeup and music. Its true, these are still cool categories and Star Trek has deserved to win them.

However over the weekend all thats changed. Forget about the crumbs off the table. Duh what? cos' like Star Trek is boldly succeeding where no TV series has gone before......

Heres are the 2019 Saturn Winners for Star Trek Discovery TV show, warping through space with our heroes battling chaos in the galaxy.

At least 3 of these Star Trek nominees won Saturn Awards here on Earth with Starfleet picking up the tab since the Federations charter in 2161. Impressive aren't they?

Doug Jones    Star Trek: Discovery                         CBS All Access (WINNER)
Ethan Peck    Star Trek: Discovery                         CBS All Access
Wilson Cruz   Star Trek: Discovery                         CBS All Access

Star Trek Discovery       CBS All Access (WINNER)
Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan     Amazon 
Russian Doll               Netflix                                                    

Good Omens                 Amazon  
Lost in Space               Netflix                                                    

The Expanse                 Amazon
Black Mirror                Netflix 

BEST ACTRESS IN A STREAMING PRESENTATION                                               
 Sonequa Martin Green     Star Trek: Discovery             CBS All Access(WINNER) 
Carla Gugino                          The Haunting of Hill House               Netflix                                  

Elizabeth Lail                          You                                                     Netflix / Lifetime
Natasha Lyonne                    Russian Doll                                       Netflix
Molly Parker                           Lost in Space                                     Netflix
Krysten Ritter                         Marvel’s Jessica Jones                     Netflix
Kiernan Shipka                      Chilling Adventures of Sabrina          Netflix

The Saturn Awards are often criticized for being too inconsistent with genres, as well as for nominating and awarding movies not related to sci-fi, fantasy or horror. Nomad would have a field day. What do you think? Speak now or be neutralized by nomad.


Live Long and Prosper my trekker friends.


  1. Glad it's finally getting some recognition beyond the special effects. Now let's see if the Picard series can continue that tradition.

  2. Glad to hear they're getting some wins.

  3. Deserved.

    The Expanse baby! Hell yes.

    Some of those shouldn't be on that list. Preposterous.

    Lost In Space looks good but that's all so far. Maybe that will change. I hope it does.

    Very pleased for Discovery. I'd love to see the series get seven or more along with The Expanse. Fingers crossed.

  4. Thankyou EC, Alex, Liz and SFF. Your kind cosmic words have truly stunned me. This means so much to me. EC I've been following the Saturn Awards because of the Sci-Fi connection and Star Trek actors get so limited acknowledgement. They eat sleep and breathe, essentially walking and talking Star Trek the next day Alex! Then usually the sci-fi effects win all the awards. Liz you could be onto something with Picard's stylish caps? Remember the movie? Now if you can get someone famous to wear one. Fingers crossed for lost in Space SFF, although Its no secret, Star Trek Discovery did better this time.

  5. Doug Jones' performance is absolutely one of the best things about Discovery. Just make Saru the captain already!

  6. I find it interesting that they've categorized the streaming shows separately - seems unnecessary.

  7. Just a follow up.
    Re JAMES P:
    Yes, Doug Jones as Saru is amazing.

    Sonequa amazing. The cast is just nailing their roles. Love the show.

    Lost In Space has a long way to go in the writing department.

    All the best Space Guy. Great place to visit as always.

  8. Here, here, James, Armchair Quid and SSF, The Academy of Science Fiction presenting the Saturn Awards have widened the category scope recently. Various television and home entertainment genres along with action, adventure and thrillers can be voted on by anyone who joins the Academy. So anyone interested enough can have a voice in who wins what at the Saturn Awards. It still has to be said the best (non-streaming) Science Fiction TV Show was Westworld.

  9. Great to see Discovery getting recognition.


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