Monday, September 23, 2019


Michael Dorn (aka Worf) studied the Klingon Way written by Marc Ocrand. In an interview given by the actor, "Worf" happily mentions the Klingon Dictionary, its description of Klingons and their behaviour. He speaks about how the book helped him develop his Klingon character that got him the part for the Star Trek's TNG.

So here he is at a Rose City Comic Con at Portland, Oregon with Gates Mc Fadden (Beverly Crusher) and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi) chatting to fans about the Star Trek Discovery appearance of Klingons in the new show.


"Your mother has a smooth forehead"  - is an insult in which Alien language in Science Fiction?


1) Alienese (Futurama)

2) Na'vi (Avatar)

3) Dothraki (Game of Thrones)

4) Klingon (Star Trek)

 The 4 you see here are real alien languages, developed by linguistic professionals and professors.

Which one of these Sci-Fi alien languages do you think holds the correct answer? Have fun!

Live Long and Prosper my trekker friends.


  1. Of course it's an insult in Star Trek!
    Wild to think of the time someone spent developing all of those languages.

  2. It's amazing how languages can be developed like this. I remember being blown away by the language in Avatar. And I wish I could speak Dothraki.

  3. Klingons take no prisoners and yeah Alex theres so many more. When Star Trek matured as a franchise Chrys Klingon forehead ridges became one with the species, much like the Na'vi's hometree.

  4. He skirted the question well.

  5. Thats Michael Dorn for you Diane. He knows his Klingons and yet it seems with every emerging new Star Trek series, producers have to present something different to the fans in a way they can call it their own. I think thats what Dorn is saying.

  6. Love the effort which goes into a successful series.
    Judging by my ever increasing wrinkles that insult definitely doesn't apply to me.

  7. Every Klingon mother is unique EC - you could be a next generation Klingon female. The duras sisters Lursa and Betor had Klingon ridges on their foreheads and were a wild female pair to say the least.

  8. They just don't make scifi like Star Trek anymore (well, there was Firefly).

  9. Firefly was one of the best of its time (what 17 years ago?) and it was criminal to end it.

    The Klingon language move was incredible.

  10. It's amazing how they just create languages for these aliens.

  11. You haven't lived until you've read Shakespeare in the original Klingon.


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