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Star Date: 41697.9
Writers:  Deborah Dean Davis, Hannah Louise Shearer
Director: Robert Becker
Image Owner Creator: Paramount and or CBS

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D experiences a time loop experiment gone awry. Turns out the scientist responsible, Dr Paul Manhiem and wife Jenice send out an SOS. Just when Picard was winning, a time distortion ripples throughout the entire sector repeating time during his fencing game!


Interesting move sir, what technique is that? The technique of a desperate man. 
Interesting move sir, what technique is that? The technique of a desperate man.


The phenomena kicks in taking over distorting the timeline. Picard rushes to the bridge to get answers only to hear Manheims rescue co-ordinates. Manheim sounds ill. Data states the obvious, the phenomena in not an illusion but occurred in real time.


The time experiment is out of control and threatens to rip open the very fabric of space. Meanwhile, heres how it plays out. Picard indulges in holodeck programmes trying to recapture his past and rid himself of guilt.


Its 22 years later with the USS Enterprise-D at warp 8 in a bid to rescue Jenice from nonlinear time experiments gone afoot. Theres a mystery to be solved at Vandor IV. Manheim and Jenice beam up to sickbay. All is not what it seems.


Oh we are us, Sir, They are also us. So , indeed, we are both of us at different points along the same time continuum - Data explaining the situation.

A breach in time created by Manheim has created alternate dimensions at different points in the time continuum. Thats why we see three Data's in Manheim's lab, when hes ready to discharge the anti-matter. Only Data is successful! He repairs the temporal anomaly.


Thanks to the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D holodeck, Picard finally gives Jenice a proper goodbye. 22 years later in an open air cafe with Parisian views of the the Eiffel Tower.

Have you ever been to France or the Eiffel Tower?

Do you think Picard regrets running out on Jenice?

Data said it's me in this episode! How is this possible? he can't use contractions.

Live Long and Prosper, trekkers.


  1. My brain hurts. And no, I have never been to Paris.

  2. He used a contraction? Little slip there.
    Yes, I have been to Paris. One day was enough.

  3. Your funny EC. I figured you'd all enjoy this temporal anomaly episode, Jenice even said to Picard it rained all day when he stood her up and for the rest of the week. So sad....

    but Picard thought he was prepared Alex. He re-created the Jenice rendezvous exactly as it should have been, to rid his conscience of her only now.... Thing is the writers forgot it was raining cos like Picard had already told the computer warm spring day, 22 years ago etc. So which was it?

  4. This was one really weird episode. I give the writers a lot of credit for trying something different.

  5. Every sci-fi show has certain episodes. The time ones are their own subgenre.

  6. Now I want to go back and watch that episode again! lol

    Never been to France though I was stationed in Germany. Stupid I never went.

  7. We visited Paris in 1985, and it was wonderful. Drank red wine on the balcony outside our room. Walked around and around. Went up the Eiffel tower and was awed by the view.

    I remember that episode, was totally confused a lot. Now I can go watch it again.

  8. This was a good episode but I haven’t seen it in decades and would love to see it again especially the oops from Data...or the writers. I love Paris and found it beautiful. We were told to watch for the rudeness but the people were great. We found that, if we tried to speak French, they were happy that you at least tried. Funny but true story.. we were going to Versailles and were standing behind an American couple who just kept talking loud and slow, in English, to the ticket man. He just shrugged his shoulders and they stopped aside frustrated and upset. I approached him and said, in French, I spoke no French and apologized. With that, he said, no worries and sold me 2 train tickets! I smiled as I saw the 2 older couple look at me in surprise and I asked if he would kindly sell them 2 tickets to get rid of them. He rolled his eyes but smiled at me and did just that. Now. If someone came to my country and spoke their own language at. me slowly but loudly, I would also just pretend I couldn’t understand him or her. The best thing is to try to learn some basic words in the language of the country you are visiting and be humble.

  9. Troi was at her loveliest in that season.

  10. He actually used contractions quite a lot before it was determined in "Offspring" that he couldn't.

  11. One of the first season standouts.

  12. I have never been to France, but I'd love to see the Eiffel tower.

    I've never watched the original Star Trek, and now you're making me want to. :)


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