Monday, November 11, 2019


Star Trek TNG The Best of Both Worlds
Writer Michael Piller
Director: Cliff Bole
Creator: Gene Roddenberry

A battle leads to all out war at Wolf 359. In Star Treks TNG cliffhanger episode the Borg take on the Federations flagship USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D! The United Federation of Planets is paralysed with the annihilation of 40 ships including Klingon, remember? Captain Picard now kidnapped and transformed by Borg automatons speaks for them. "I am Locutus of Borg. Resistance is futile, your life as it has been is over - from this time forward you will service us!"

The Borg appear to have one collective mission on their hive minds. Get the Picard and wipe out the Federation. It's a magnificent stratagem for the Borg who beam aboard the Enterprise-D and swipe Picard by complete surprise. In beautiful precision these automatons execute their daring plan, stunning Starfleet's sharpest trained bridge-crew in the fleet.

 I was gob smacked in 1992 when Star Trek's Best of Both Worlds aired in Ireland. Tapping into one of the Federations brightest minds walking past Starfleet defenses using his knowledge... Pure genius wasn't it? but....... No way! I thought in 1992 as I went into complete denial, the Borg learned all about Federation tactical defenses strengths and weaknesses by getting at Picard. It was game-over man!

No, Never, Never! I cried as reality sunk in despair and had to accept grim facts. This was pure defeat.

 Worf said it best. "He is a Borg" when the rescue failed. Picard becomes Locutus, the new voice for the Borg. Any trekker who watches Star Trek's The Best of Both Worlds, Part I+2 even today will get an adrenalin rush with this chiller thriller.

 The unbelievable scheming of both sides sets the pulses racing as Commander Riker vs Borg Picard now "Locutus" battle it out for supremacy during this lead up to Battle of Wolf 359. Its really a no-win scenario in this epic action assault of firepower and wits until....Yes, Riker fires on Picard's Borg Cube!

Believe it. Mr Worf..... Fire!

How many lives were lost at the Borg vs Federation firefight at Wolf 359?


Who do you blame for the loss of Benjamin Sisko's(DS9) wife?

Admiral Hanson
Captain Picard
The Borg

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers


  1. I remember watching this and yelling , “Noooooo” when it ended and I had to wait until the fall for part 2. Picard had ptsd which we saw when he returned to his home in France, I would blame The Borg since Picard was used and controlled.

  2. I guess with the amount of cybernetic devices implanted throughout his body, ptsd was on the cards. Little did the good Captain Picard realise what an efficient killing Borg machine he'd soon become.

  3. Yeah. We were devastated.

    1. It was a great moment Commander Riker firing on the Borg Cube. However not knowing whether Picard would be killed off or Riker replaced with Shelby gave TNG fans something new to agonize over for summer '92, haha

  4. I think I missed this one. This was when I was working swing shift, and it was way before DVRs. I heard about it, but I never experienced it first hand. One of these days I need to go and do a full series rewatch.

  5. So the Enterprise-D ducks inside a nebula to escape the Borg who wait outside. The plan, Liz? A high energy weapon channelled through the deflector had me convinced. I mean Data, Worf figured out the Borgs most vulnerable frequency to target, so Riker fired guns blazing, it just had to work!

  6. The Borg story truly is the heart of TNG, isn't it?

  7. Well Borgs looks human with lots of mechanical parts Armchair, yet their mission is to absorb all life in the galaxy. The hive collective voice told Picard that earth was authoritarian driven and archaic. Humans must submit or some such. In true defiance Picard said we'd rather die, dying is irrelevant said the voice. Haha -

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and while your comment made me smile, sadly I wasn't the one getting the lips sucked off me :)

    PS: How come I've never known you're from Ireland, too. I'm a southsider Dub (from Rialto) and I totally agree 1989 was a magic year!

    Cheers, and until we comment again!

    1. Funny I've always been here but it could be my Klingon cloaking shield keeping me, deep. I mean, deep deep undercover. So amazingly invisible to the naked eye was I in fact - explains why you couldn't see me! Haha

    2. We could have used that Klingon cloaking shield to keep a clean sheet in goal Monday, but I agree, the lads played excellent - and if you haven't already heard, we play Slovakia (away) in the semi-final March 26, and *when* we win that, there's a chance the final would be against Northern Ireland on March 31 - and wouldn't that be an awesome game!!

  9. We moved FROM Ireland in 1988 back to California. Big change, oh boy.

    I had not seen TNG until 1988 or so. It was like a gift. The Borg definitely upped the game, brought opportunities for plot expansion. And then, Voyager with 7 of 9. Life was good.

    1. I have to admit Susan I'd like to visit California and of course Star Trek is everywhere so blogging would be fun too, visiting conventions etc what a game changer it must have been for you.

  10. In a later era we would've spent more time with Locutus, but for its time I guess it was enough.

  11. They are re-visiting the Borg angle with Picard and the girl Dahj who asks for help, Tony. Who is she? Some say Picard and the Borg queen had a daughter...


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