Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wesley's Scarey Beast

Remember the episode " The Dauphin" with the smart kid of Picard's Enterprise, Wesley Crusher? He did his level best to get noticed by Salia played by the lovely Jaime Hubbard. (Add some tongue twisting and watcha got? Thats what I thought when I saw sweet Salia on tv for the first time. She was perfect but I digress.) Salia was the next leader of Daled IV with her beast/protector, (Anya) never straying too far behind with the evil eye. So far so good.

Wesley fell over himself for Salia's affections, obviously. Curse him. The good news is trouble was slowly descending in the shape of two tall scary bug eyed monsters. Beautiful Salia was one of two entities in disguise which Wesley figured was the perfect dreambabe.

Ensign Wesley Crusher, wiseguy of the Enterprise got played big style, hehe! This young babe Salia was a shapeshifter. You just got to check the database. Crusher boy was getting sloppy.

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Heres the lovely furry shape shifter we all came to love as Salia. In a way Salia's secret creature within is similar to Bruce Banner's Incredible Hulk. These guys don't mess around when they get angry. Salia just couldn't help herself. She transforms into a big scary bug eyed beast with brown fur and long sharp claws to protect her sweetheart when Anya her shapeshifter protector turns up at Sickbay to scare the tripe out of everyone. A shocked Wesley watches them leave.

The Enterprises inhospitable planet (Klavdia III) should have tipped viewers off that Wesley's dreambabe was hiding something. Despite complete access to the ship's extensive resources Crusher got taken, hehe.

Another clue is when Guinan serves Salia a bowl of chocolate in Ten Forward but she doesn't eat any. She passed up chocolate! Twice! That alone should have sparked suspicions that the girl wasn't a real human. So much for being smart with women.

Its neat when Captain Picard promotes Wesley to Acting Ensign Wesley Crusher for his extraordinary dedication and gifted super sleuth ability sending awesome shockwaves up and down trekverse.

How could this not be happening to US???? trekkies figured LOL. Those were the good ol' TNG days, what fun! Thanks to Will Wheaton.

I suppose its every trekkers dream to be seated on the bridge steering the flagship of the federation through the stars but thank God we didn't have to wear that rainbow sweater.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!


Green Salad said...

Poor Wesley! No shapely blue-skinned scantilly-clad brunettes for him.

Green Salad said...

I think I'll go Christmas shopping and get my daughter 1 year of "The Next Generation" TV series as a gift from Santa.

Spacerguy said...

Brilliant! In Season 3 TNG, the Enterprise-D gets trapped. Q begs Captain Picard for help. The Federation is at war and Tasha Yar comes back to the land of the living in Yesterday's Enterprise. The Enterprise takes part in an Cultural Officer Exchange programme. Reginald Barclay develops a rather diverting holodeck programe upsetting our cool calm counsellor Deanna Troi. This season also marks the first crossover by a Star Trek TOS actor Mark Lenard. The vulcan Sarek amazingly sheds a tear and towards the end Picard gets kidnapped! You'll have to get part II, The Best of Both Worlds, because seasons 3 cliffhanger rolls over into season 4! Enjoy your Star Trekking.

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