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Voyagers Captain Proton and Buster Kincaid

In 2349 Harry Kim was born and raised by his earthling parents. He was the youngest officer to land a post with the Intrepid Class U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656. In 2370, Mr Kim graduated from Starfleet Academy and later demonstrated engineering, tactical and analytical ability. Captain Janeway welcomed Harry onboard. The Perfect Starfleet Officer.

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Tom Paris became one of Kim's closest friends. The Perfect Rogue Ex-Starfleet Officer. Kim and Paris spend offduty time together in the holodeck programmes. Tom Paris as Captain Proton the fearless rescuer! Harry Kim as Buster Kincaid forever at odds with the polygonal forces of evil.

Based on 1930's science fiction, Captain Proton's mission in life is to conquer the dreadful Dr Chaotica and his evil minions. Harry is of course Tom's sidekick. Tom Paris and Tuvoc repaired Satans Robot which got damaged by the holographic aliens. Apparently Chaotica has waged war against them with his holographic weaponry wreaking total havoc because the holo emitters are malfunctioning. Paris is under pressure to regain control and stop Chaotica before time is runs out.

Satan's Robot was part of the Captain Proton simulation visited by Chakotay and Captain Janeway while Voyager was fractured into several different time periods.

The character was heavily influenced by a Robot used in several Republic serials from the 1940s. His most famous appearance is in the film Zombies of the Stratosphere, where he battles a Captain Proton-like hero named Commando Cody.

Live Long and Hologram, Trekkers!

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