Friday, December 29, 2006

Vulcan Mind Meld

"I am not a criminal. I do not require Neural Neutralizer" shouted a wildly frantic Dr. Simon Van Gelder. Dagger of the Mind is the first episode that we see Spock do the Vulcan Mind Meld. The doctors mind is so agonised with pain and unable to communicate properly, Spock melds to find out what really happened on the penal colony.

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What is our name? Who are we? - Spock
We are Simon Van Gelder.
Dr Adams? the Neural Neutralizer. What did he do to us? - Spock.
He can reshape any mind he chooses. He used it to erase our memories, put his own thoughts there. He was surprised it took so much power. We fought him remember? but we grew so tired, our minds so blank, so open, that any thought he placed there became our thoughts.

Our minds so empty, like a sponge needing thoughts, begging, empty, lonliness, so lonely to be sitting there, empty, wanting any word from him. Love,- Van Gelder "Yes," - Spock. "Hate," - Van Gelder. "Yes," - Spock. "Live" - Van Gelder. "Yes," - Spock. "Die," - Van Gelder. "Yes," - Spock.
"Such agony to be empty"- Van Gelder.
"Empty" - Spock
"So empty, so empty."- Van Gelder

Vulcan Mind Meld

Spock looked like he was becoming affected with Dr. Van Gelders tortured mind. Star Trek's Dagger of the Mind is brilliant. (Morgan Woodward who played Dr. Simon van Gelder, put in an electrifying performance as the perfect crazed lunatic.)

I was half expecting Dr. McCoy who was observing to snap Spock out of his daydream. Spock had so lost control of the vulcan meld but then consider the mind he was linked to. This is the only time we'll see Spock overwhelmed by a meld with this glazed vacant expression on his face.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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