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Geordi La Forge's Warp Core

Geordi's warpcore is the main source of power on board the Enterprise NCC 1701-D. The ship can travel faster than light speeds. The warp reactor generates "warp plasma" which once turned into high energy, its direct feed to the warp drive propels the ship.

The propulsion systems (warp nacelles and impulse engines) make interplanetary travel possible. Starship primary and secondary systems of importance include life support, transporters, deflector shields, starship sensors, tractor beam, structural and inertial systems, force fields, phasers and photon torpedo tubes, warp core reactor, EPS Power Relay systems, Impulse Engines, Warp Nacelles to name a few..

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Geordi La Forge is the Chief Engineer of Captain Picard's Enterprise, also responsible for the smooth functioning of main engineering and saving the ship when Picard messes up. When the Enterprise is in trouble Picard or Commander Riker shouts out "Red Alert" Its panic stations, alerting the ships computer and crew to activate the ships defensive systems via command voice authorization communicated shipwide from the ship's bridge.

The klaxon siren is belting away and its "all hands man your battle stations" Crewman you can forget about that extra hours sleep, wakey, wakey! Geordi La Forge, Chief Engineer of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D is the only "miracle worker" whom Picard relys on in times of urgency. Geordi's the Enterprise's "engineer smartguy" and last hope, brainy enough to save the ship! Forget about Wesley, he's too green.

"Mr La Forge I need more power to the shields" or
"Geordi get us out of here, warp 9"
Geordi's constantly telling the captain what the ship can and cannot do.
"Captain, we can do it. We can modify the transporters" - Geordi
"Excellent!"- Picard.
"It will take 15 years and a research team of a hundred." - Geordi
"Mister La Forge, I believe we will postpone it" - Picard.

One of The Federation's greatest engineer's "Call me Scotty." advised Geordi when he was aboard the Enterprise.
"You mind a little advice. Starfleet captains are like children. They want everything right now and they want it their way, But the secret is to give them only what they need, not what they want!"


The Electro Plasma System also known as EPS power relays is a network of relay systems that evenly distributes power supply for all devices and systems on board federation starships or facilities like Deep Space Nine. The main feed for the EPS power distribution network comes from three main areas of the ship: The warp drive, impulse drive and in an emergency the fusion auxiliary generators.
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"The Warp Core is a thing of beauty ain't it?" For Geordi La Forge, its only natural that as Chief of Engineering, the Enterprises-D "miracle worker" would take pride in his engines. The energy output from the warpcore is 1,000,000 times more than the standard fusion engines used by the impulse propulsion system. The warp core goes by many names. Geordi has used most of them in Star Trek The Next Generation: Warp reactor and matter/antimatter reaction assembly and warp core even warpcore reactor. The warp core has four sub systems.

At the top of the warp reactor is the matter reactant injector which has direct feeds to the storage tanks above housing deuterium. Deuterium is the raw fuel, in an isotope of hydrogen, in a supercooled slush form. The deuterium flows down through a control conduit to the matter reactant injector.

At the end of the warp core, the anti reactant injector is located. The reactant injectors are vital for warp power. Once offline with the Enterprise taking a hammering, power to the nacelles is lost. Captain Picard is very unhappy when this happens. I wonder who he blames in his report to Starfleet Command.

The matter and anti-matter is passed through the magnetic constriction segment, where the internal magnetic constrictor coils compress and align it to meet the exact centre of the warp core chamber.

Its at this point that the matter and anti matter mix. The deuterium goes through a high energy conversion process. Handling the antimatter requires care otherwise once anti-matter touches matter, its Kaaa boom!

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The plasma streams generated inside the Matter/Anti-matter Reaction Chamber are split in two and travel to the power transfer conduits responsible for even distribution of converted "Warp Plasma" energy to the port and starboard warp nacelles.

Essentially its the magnetic field that keeps the matter/anti-matter coming into contact with the rest of the ship. When the magnetic field weakens or theres a failure in the matter/anti-matter reaction chamber, its only a question of time before a warp core breach blows the ship to smithereens unless a solution can be found fast.

Geordi Scopes out the Warp Reactor with his visor to determine how bad, bad is. If it's hopeless the warp reactor is ejected and the blast doors are brought down. In Star Trek Generations the Warp Core ejection system was offline and everyone was evacuated to the saucer section. The blast from the USS Enterprises-D secondary hull blew the Primary ships saucer section off course which crash landed and got wrecked!

Commander Riker destroyed the Enterprise, looks like he couldn't handle the big chair. The guy just ruined the Flagship of the Federation, our beloved Enterprise and slammed it into a planet. I couldn't believe it! At the very least Riker should have got some starship retraining. Captain James T. Kirk would have fired him!

The dilithium housing chamber is the beating heart of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D and is maintained by the officer on watch, usually Geordi. Routine checks and diagnostics are carried out by engineers on main engineering systems every day. The dilithium crystal powers the Enterprise from within the heart of the dilithium housing/chamber.

Its also known as the dilithium crystal articulation frame. The crystal itself allows the matter/anti-matter to be tuned and controlled without causing a reaction and blowing the chamber, not to mention the ship to bits.

The crystal is matter after all but according to Federation science, dilithium crystals are the only known material to power Starship warpcores safely. Thanks to Chief Engineers like Montgomery Scott, Geordi La Forge, Bellana Tores and Trip (I think he was still in training personally. haha) we can all sleep soundly in our bunk beds!

Live Long and Prosper! Keep on Star Trekking!


  1. Awesome post! I was just reading a couple of related Wikipedia articles; see hyperspace and FTL.

  2. Not quite what I was looking for... I'm trying to calculate the energy potencial of the 200 million Omega molecules in the Omega Directive ST:VOY episode.

    Started with nuclear critical masses, then hiroshima, then found the antimatter matter reaction for 1 kg at 42.96 Mt so I was looking for the energy output of the warp core, and it's matter antimatter consumption.

    Live long and prosper.

  3. The dilithium energy reactor produces a maximum output of 4000 teradynes per second.


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