Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Star Trek Emblem, Logo, Icon.

Spacerguy has uncovered during his research a cool Official Seal Generator. Everybody loves free stuff right? The Says it generator created my Emblem for me free! I figured all the Sci-Fi fans, Trekkies or is it trekkers too would want one, so have fun creating your Official Seal for your website!

Official Seal visitors will have a choice from entering their own text, choosing from 15 borders, (mine is yellow). You can also select from 13 windows of varied emblems. The Star Trek window has 13 emblems (mine is red) and theres 12 other windows.

When you've got all that done, think about the background colour scheme in your website. Visitors have a good selection of colours for their newly created emblem. A black border on a black background will disappear!

The Says It website manufactures seals in badges and labels, presumably for a price. Another reason this Seal Generator is pretty cool is because it advertises your website for free!

P.S. Let me know what you think of my new StarTrekSpace.Blogspot Emblem. Its easy to comment. Good, Bad, or Okay. Spill the beans.

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