Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Brent Spiner's BBC Interview on STAR TREK's 40th

Brent Spiner aka Lt. Commander Data of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D, Star Trek TNG was on the BBC recently being interviewed on the anniversary of Star Trek's 40th. It was a relaxed interview with Brent Spiner being his friendly self with the BBC interviewers.

Definitely not trekkie interviewers. Our Star Trek hero Data aka Brent got to thrill the Trekkies with his wit and the latest on Data. He answered a trekkie email from David live that morning, one of tons which the BBC received. It went like this.

Why did Klingons change from the original blokes with beards and silver vests to the Worf types of today? asked email trekker fan David. (Worf's Bumpyhead secret.)
You'll love the answer Brent gave.

"Well they're talking about the difference between what they looked like on the original series and what they look like now. Obviously technology increased and makeup techniques increased but also the budgets of the shows increased. "(So far so good Brent, now here it comes!)

"You know The Original Series costumes were made by the actors mothers!"

(Now come on! Brent. I didn't fall for it.) I heard the interviewers chuckling at this theory! This was one of Spiners gags. So the interviewer says "No but seriously."
and so Brent has to come clean.

"No" he admits, finally having a quiet chuckle himself.
Shame on you. Hehe, Just kidding. I was laughing too.

Brent Spiner IMDB

Brent Spiner Interview

At this stage in the interview I was rooting for Brent Spiner. You tell him Brent. You GO FOR IT! You tell him! He has got to be having a laugh at trekkies. Get a load of this. Here's the question.

"To what degree do those trekkies associate you with the character you play. Is there any confusion there? Do they expect you to be him?" - BBC interviewer guy.

"These people are not idiots" laughs Brent Spiner "They know....."
"I'm being very unfair" -BBC interviewer guy.
"They're aware that Data was a fictional character and I am indeed a real human being."

Thanks Brent. You told him. Yee-ha! Yessss! Whos the best? Whos the best? Brent Spiner!! Three cheers for Brent. I'm so spacehappy.

"Prove it" jests the BBC interviewer guy.
"Yeah well I thought I was" laughs Brent.
"...but ahh no. They're bright people you know, Star Trek fans in general are on the higher end of the IQ spectrum."

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy your Star Trekking.


Nova Dove said...

Boy you weren't kidding; they were the most unprepared and tactless pair of interviewers I've ever seen. Brent was cool, calm and collected though; when the guy asked him to prove that he wasn't Data he just calmly said: "I thought I was". Nice one Brent!

It was great to see that clip of him playing Data after getting Q's gift of emotion; I've seen it only once before, but it was very memorable; I just broke up laughing. It made me respect Brent's acting talents a lot more.

I think the interviewers were actually planning to send him up, but they were sad, I think the girl even fell for Data's gag for a second.

But the saddest line of all when she says after they switch the camera away from Brent: "Not an android at all but a real human being".

I think the BBC needs some new (and preferably real) daytime presenters.

Anonymous said...

Brent Spiner will be making an appearance at New York megastore J&R Music World on Wednesday, August 27th at 12:30pm. He will be signing copies of his CD "Dreamland".

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Brent.

Spacerguy said...

I guess you can tell I'm a fan of Brent Spiner. He obviously appreciates star trek fans and is an outstanding actor.

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