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Cyrus Redblock

Cyrus Redblock was a hologram character and a great believer in manners, who expressed his reasoning in a calm and eloquent manner. His skillful demeanour scarcely masked the real Redblock who was a bloodthirsty, ruthless, cutthroat villain. Captain Picard brought this powerful underworld figure to life in his holodeck "Dixon Hill" adventures along with his wisecracking secretary, Madeline, his police buddy McNarry, a wealthy and beautiful socialite, Mrs Clinton Bradly and his bartender friend Rex.

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Meanwhile the Enterprise's electrical systems are disrupted when the Galaxy Class starship is probed by the Jarada, which damages the Holodeck safety measures and jams the exits. Picard, Data, Beverly and Mr Whalen are completely oblivious to the Enterprise's problems and return to Hill's office after the Captain is interrogated by the authorities for the murder of Mrs Clinton Bradly.

Everyone is in great spirits having successfully fraternized with San Fransisco's holocharacters of 1941. The Enterprise holodeck players soon have a run in with Mr Redblock's associate. Mr Leech is a trigger happy fellow who fails pathetically at recovering the mysterious "item" for his master. He suffers complete humiliation at Dix/Picard's hand, who belts him across the face for shooting Mr Whalen.

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"You struck me, how dare you. Your going to be sorry. I promise you Redlock isn't going to like this"The little gangster is sent away whimpering, without his gun and wailing threats at "Dix" who was completely unfazed by him in the first place.

Bullets and guns have deadly effect on carbon life forms with the safety protocols off and Whalen is left with serious internal injuries. Beverly examines Whalen and tells Picard that he needs urgent medical attention in Sickbay. Picard has to act fast. Unfortunately the holodeck doesn't respond to his commands and with a heavy heart, the Enterprise "Dixon Hill" players realise they're stuck.

Mr Leech reported back to his boss Mr Redblock, empty handed. He is so unimpressed with Picard's lack of decorum. Finally the Gangland mobster of underworld crime makes his grand entrance at Hill's office along with his ham-fisted disposal experts for friendly persuasion. He introduces himself politely to Dixon Hill played by Picard. Cyrus Redblock has a dangerous, menacing presence about him which he shrouds in good manners, protocol, restraint and dignity. However he was still a hood.

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Lawrence Tierney plays a first class, notorious and powerful gangster in this Dixon Hill Holodeck adventure. His performance as the ruthless mobster was brilliant in Star Trek TNG episode of "The Big Goodbye."

Redblock had "an item" to collect and a small matter of punishment to inflict in retaliation for Dix/Picard's earlier ill treatment of his associate, Mr Leech. Still Redblock did ask politely if he could take a look around Hill's office for the "item." with Beverly reacting angrily to Redblocks politeness.

"I wish you'd quit asking since its obvious your going to do it anyway. It's just a waste of time."
"Good manners madam, are never a waste of time, civility gentlemen, always civility." Suddenly Cyrus' pallor falls a few shades and civility goes out the window.

"Get that stiff out of here" commands the crime boss to his cronies.
"He's not dead" shouts Beverly in frantic defence of Whalen. So he's moved to the next room.
Its finally time for Redblock to give Mr Leech his big chance and get even with Dix/Picard for striking him earlier.
"Which one struck you?"
"It was Hill." replied Mr Leech.

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With a devilish grin on his face, Leech approaches Dix/Picard and strikes him with his shiney pistol. A glum Dix/Picard wipes blood from his smashed lower lip...Data wanted to wipe out Leech for striking his captain in such a brutal fashion, but Picard waved him off. Instead Data glared at Leech with burning hate in his usually cold, emotionless, android eyes.
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, an utonian truism which you have obviously neglected." lectured Redblock giving everyone a chance for pause and reflection.

Dix/Picard's cop buddy, McNary stops by Hill's office.
"Nice company your keeping Dix, you forget to take the trash out this morning?"
McNary gets a dig in the guts for opening his mouth the wrong way.
Meanwhile Redblock's patience is running out. He has little regard for human life in general and wants everyone in the room to appreciate the desperate measures he's prepared to take in order to get his "item."

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"Senseless killing is amoral but killing for a purpose can be quite often ingenious" Redblock explains to his helpless captives. Mr Leech of course was impressed with this tripe which only criminal minds such as Cyrus Redblock's would hold in such high regard. Getting the item was Redblocks top priority, so if snuffing out Hill's associates helped Cyrus retrieve the mysterious item so much the better. Redblock let no-one stand in his way of his greedy need for power and knowledge.

Captain Picard finally figures out the amoral ringleaders weakness, so he bargains with the devil hoping the crime boss will spare them. In return Redblock would get his "item" which Picard never had to give. Dix/Picard's bluff worked long enough for Wesley to open the Holodeck's doors. By this time Redblock was convinced by "Dix"about a new world filled with fabulous riches ready for plunder. Leech and Redblock were stunned by the Enterprise's portal appearing out of thin air. With a new world to loot all bets were off with Dix/Picard, McNary, Beverly, Data and Mr Whalen.

"Step aside Mr Hill, I'd shoot you myself but i don't want to deprive my assistant of his greatest pleasure. After we're gone kill them all, make sure the bodies are never found" orders a cruel Redblock to his crooked crime buddies.

"Your insane! You think you can kill a cop and get away with it?!!" retorts an angry McNary.

"Why not? I've done it before." replies Redblock calmly. "Come on Mr Leech, au revoir, bon chance mon amis. Our destiny awaits!" Redblock leaves his holographic world composed of matter, light and energy and experiences the Enterprise firsthand. Mr Leech is at his side.

"Another world, a whole new world to plunder." Evil and greed is written all over the mastermind's face only to be replaced with anger and outrage.

"What is this? What are they doing? They can't do this to me!!! Don't they know who I am? I'm Cyrus Redblock, Cyrus Redblock!!!

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking!

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