Thursday, April 17, 2014

Q the Omnipotent

O is for Omnipotent! Lets not forget Q, the omnipotent alien entity from the Q continuum who plagues Captain Picards with relish. Q loves troubling the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D with his strange sense of humor and jokes, often causing the crew harm in the process. Q appears in lots of Star Trek TNG, Voyager and DS9 episodes.

Apparently, he has a vague passing regard in humans stating quite openly that he's a Klingon at heart gifted with an I.Q. of 2005. On the face of it, Q is a constant thorn in Picard's side who appears out of no-where from another dimension. Why shouldn't Captain Picard flip out when his 'Omnipotence' pushes his buttons?

Q: "What must I do to convince you people?"

Worf: "DIE."

Q: "O very good Worf, eat any good books lately?"

Picard: "Fine, you want to be treated as human?"

Q: "Absolutely."

Picard: "All right. Mister Worf, throw him in the brig."

Worf: "Delighted, Captain."

Q: "You can't do this to me, Jean-Luc."

 Worf: "You will walk or I will carry you!

Q: "Given the option, I'll...I'll walk."

 Whats the name of the episode Q loses his powers in? Did you enjoy watching Worf throw Q in the brig? Do you really reckon Worf eats books?



Bob R Milne said...

Ah, Deja Q - that scene at the end where he gives Data the gift of laughter is priceless!

Maurice Mitchell said...

A great episode and I loved his celebration when he gets his powers back. LOL

Lynda Dietz said...

Déja Q! I loved that episode, and every other one in which Q appeared. I'm saving your "best of Q" video for later enjoyment, though I'm certain I've seen all of them numerous times. One of my favorite Q moments was the mariachi band on the bridge.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I believe it was Deja Q! Perfect title.

randi lee said...

I was always so entertained by Q!

Anonymous said...

I love the "eat any good books lately" line.

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