Monday, September 01, 2014

Top Five Star Trek Space Babes

James T. Kirk has had many conquests...

Here is my Top Five Space Babes from Star Trek's classic tv show. At No1 is Dr Helen Noel (Dagger of the Mind) played by Marianna Hill who was simply gorgeous. Its too bad they didn't make her a regular cast member continuing love interest for Kirk... She was perfect. Growing up I thought she was smokin hot and had the most amazing smile.

My second favorite Trek beauty is historian Marla McGivers played by Madlyn Rhue in Space Seed. Sadly, Rhue was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1977 and was soon confined to using a cane, then crutches and finally a wheelchair. Besides Star Trek, she starred in over a hundred appearances on television and reunited with her Space Seed co-star Ricardo Montalban in Fantasy Island.

In third position is the lovely Droxine played by Diana Ewing in Star Trek's "The Cloud Miners.". I bet you've wondered what happened to her? Upon further investigation, Memory Alpha records clearly indicate she starred in six different tv series in 1969 and was last seen in the Washington 1977 mini series, Behind Closed Doors. Her acting career lasted for only eight years and thats it. Mysterious isn't she?....IMDB

My fourth favorite is Lt Marlena Moreau played by Barbara Luna. Friends and fans call her Luna. The female uniforms from Mirror, Mirror were absolutely fantastic! She was by far one of the hottest of Kirk's women. Her many credits include: The Devil at 4 O’Clock with Frank Sinatra and Spencer Tracy, Bonanza, The Outer Limits, Mannix, Mission: Impossible, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Search for Tomorrow, One Life to Live, the Star Trek: New Voyages installments In Harm’s Way and Enemy: Starfleet!, as well as Adventures of Superseven and the recent comedy Unbelievable! For an aging Trek beauty she still looks terrific!

In fifth place is Sherry Jackson who plays the stunning android, Andrea. In star trek's classic episode "What are little girls made of?" Kirk passionately seduces her with a kiss confusing her logical yet inadequate android programming. I couldn't help but laugh when she says "No, not programmed for you." in her sweet soothing voice.  Somehow Andrea realizes shes not supposed to enjoy feelings yet the kiss triggers an emotional chain reaction!

I hope you enjoyed reading my Top Five Classic Space Babes. Who is your favorite and why?

Dream Long and Prosper, Trekkers.


  1. No Yvonne Craig? I mean, she was a green-skinned alien slavegirl AND Batgirl. :)

  2. Dr Helen Noel is definitely lovely and a great choice for the number one spot. Yvonne was wonderful too though.

  3. Here, here trekkers, each one of these striking treasures is quite bold, fearless and of course unique.

  4. Droxine was my favorite, as she and Spock shared some equality. Then there was Jill Ireland on that planet where some flower did something, and inhibitions were lost. Spock did lose his, and the crew went down to the planet. In the last moments when Spock was about to shut the Enterprise down, Jim shook him out of it.
    Because I loved the Spock character, I enjoyed Jill Ireland.

  5. Nice list. I know its not TOS but for me I still think Ezri Dax is the best. Just me I guess - Rob

  6. High fives David!

    I know, I should have made this a Top Ten Space Babe list, stay tuned, lol.

    Yeah truly classy babes Maurice, the pair of them.

    I know what you mean Susan, Droxine is hypnotic. Its her voice.

    Thanks Rob, Zee is seductively cute when she smiles with strength of character to boot. So don't get me going. I never quite got over Terry Farrells sudden departure from DS9 but hey, she's huge at conventions.

  7. Well, you've got my two faves:

  8. But let me put in a vote for Yvonne as well:

  9. I wrote about the slave girls in another post Bob. Andrea was a beaut Cliff because two things. She used her looks and voice to mesmerize her victims, combined she had a hypnotic effect every-time I listened to her coo on TV and my eyes were glued. The first time I saw her, I watched helplessly as her curvy body moved in that flimsy outfit of hers. It must have been love!


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