Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Star Trek TAS "The Infinite Vulcan"

Stardate 5554.4
Writers: Walter Koenig
Airdate: 10/20/73
Season 1 Episode 7
Star Trek The Animated Series

In Star Trek "The Infinite Vulcan" the USS Enterprise crew beam down to a abandoned city on planet Phylos where poisonous plants, plantlike Phylosians, gigantic swooper birds and a giant clone, (the plantforms call Master and Savior) greet the away team.

For reasons unknown, Dr Keniclius Five is an amazing 25 foot human scientist who survived the Eugenic wars on Earth. His work included perfecting the human race into "masters of the universe using selective human DNA." Amazingly Keniclius claims Mr Spock as his property. Curiously over one century later, this fifth  Keniclius clone wants more versions of himself to enforce peace in the galaxy! Is this Alice and Wonderland? where do I even begin?

The fun begins when creatures sweep down to attack. Its an ambush! Giant swooper-birds scare the bejeepers out of the landing party who beam up ditching poor Spock who gets snatched into the air by a beastly alien! So who's the real villain in this episode?

Is it Dr Keniculus 5, Giant Spock, the alien plant-like Phylosians, the swoopers or the poisonous plants? I think its safe to rule the last three out. But seriously wheres the logic in cloning a giant race of supermen to end "interstellar wars" over border disputes, 100 years too late?  In such a peaceful galaxy of fun loving humans, right?

Katra Mind weakened to the point of death, its looking pretty dicey for pointy ears. Will the replicant giant Spock clone help save the original Mr Spock? Knowing the vulcan's weaknesses,  Its high time to catch the giant katra thief offguard. So Kirk pulls a cute communicator trick also citing the Vulcan Philosphy of Life and Death for good measure.

In conclusion, its only human to have feelings or was it pure cold logical reasoning which clinched Mr Spock's mind from death? What do you think of Vulcan logic, Mind melds and vulcan mysticism in general? The cloning process required Spock DNA, What supposedly made the clone 25 feet tall?

Who said Beam us up Scotty!

Live Long and Prosper, bloggie buddies!


  1. Day by day as the challenge continues I am learning just how ignorant I am. About so many things. Sigh.

  2. I wouldn't want to be standing under Dr. Five, not with that view.

  3. When the Enterprise gets through to the landing party, Kirk tosses a communicator to the cloned Spock which reboots the First Officers sense of duty and good character traits in the clone! In essence the reflexes of Spock take over and giant Spock does the right thing, Alex.

  4. A group of us Armchair Squid, Mock!, GeekTwins and myself are watching The Animated Series all the way through. We're writing about our experiences, which you can read every Wednesday (or Fridays in the case of The Geek Twins)

    From my point of view, I'm trying to show the sense of adventure through the villains eyes and how his/her actions affect the timeline/plot. Have fun reading and do let me know which obstacles to be overcome were the most emotionally effective!

  5. I loved the mind melds Spock did. I remember one programme where there were critters running around in the tunnels where humans were mining and Spock discovered the humans had been destroying their eggs. He mind melded with the whale in the movie too and found out she was pregnant.

  6. There never is an explanation as to why the clones are giants, is there? An unavoidable mutation? Boy, the food industry would be all over that one!

  7. Devil in the Dark is a great classic trek thriller, Jo.

    The giant Dr 5 is a mystery, Armchair Squid.

  8. I could go for the Vulcan lifestyle. Mind melding would be excellent.

    In the first of the recent ST movies, the mind meld skill is just introduced. No one knew about this before...

  9. This was indeed a convoluted episode...

  10. This episode was very confusing for me from the talking plants to the insanely tall clones. We did get to see the Vulcan Mind Touch though.


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