Monday, April 04, 2016


B is for Borg Queen but who is she? "I am the beginning, the end, the one who is many. I am the Borg." The Borg are unique and make great villains. In 2366 the Borg Queen (Alice Krige) wanted a counterpart to bridge the gulf between humanity and borg.


 Star Trek's Borg Queen makes her first appearance in Star Trek First Contact. These party crashers don't believe in humanity or self determination. The Borg Queen in particular controls the Federations mortal enemy, originating hundreds of thousands light years away from Federation space. Then along came Q (John DeLancie) in Star Trek TNG "Q Who" ruining everything. Despite looking human, these cyborg walkers attempted to assimilate the entire USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew into their hive mind.

You may remember Captain Picard's abduction which sent Star Trek fans diving off the deep end, lol. The Queen truly knew how to strike fear into trekkie hearts, didn't she? and Picard? (skip to 2:00) I am Locutus of Borg, resistance is futile....

 How did you react when Commander Riker gave the order?



  1. Remembered his as a Borg, but don't think I saw any of the rest of it. I missed quite a lot of Star Trek programmes.

  2. First Contact - best of the older Trek movies.
    How did I react? I was mad I had to wait a week to find out what happened!

  3. A hive-mind is a really scary concept isn't it? No autonomy. One of my biggest fears.

  4. Gosh, she was evil! Alice Krige not only made her menacing and icky but also sexy...kind of hard to do in that get up. This was a tough episode and I thought Patrick Stewart was leaving but thankfully, I was wrong.

  5. I remember when Picard was assimilated, but I didn't see the episode. My mom has all the VHS's, so one day, I may binge watch them. :)

    We saw First Contact in the theater with my Pop-pop. A great memory. :D

  6. The Borg were a great enemy, added to Star Trek. Kind of makes up for the Ferengi.
    Ironically enough, Picard remembers Wil Riker giving the command. In fact, after he's rescued from the Borg, Picard gets his revenge. I can't recall which episode it was in, but I remember Picard giving the order. Fire at Wil!


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