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D is for Deanna Troi but who is she? Troi (Marina Sirtis) is a half betazoid, half human in Star Trek The Next Generation. Doesn't she look awesome? She plays the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D ships counsellor not unlike the exotic empath seen here in this retro 1960's Starfleet uniform


Her empathic powers only allow her to read the emotional states of ordinary humanoids except Ferengis. One look at (DS9) Quarks head explains why. Those guys are not normal! Its a touchy subject for Deanna who often consoles herself by tucking into Chocolate Sundaes.


Her Betazoid mother, Lwaxanna Troi is an walking talking unforgettable experience. Remember when she made Captain Picard carry her luggage? So hilarious except Deanna wasn't laughing one little bit. So heres the full expose in all her exotic splendor from low-cut boobs to full Starfleet uniform.

In the first season Troi amused many of us with her cheer-leading techniques. I reckon what makes Deanna really special is the Imzadi connection with the fans! We know from Star Trek's  Encounter at Farpoint that Riker and Deanna were secret lovers who later got married in 2373. Can you name the movie or location?

Hardly amazing 25 years later, Deanna Troi's cleavage is still the talk of geeks and nerds everywhere but ask yourself, Who was first to put Counsellor Troi in a proper Starfleet uniform? Why Ronny Cox no less aka Captain Edward Jellico. It made perfect sense to Cox at the time.

 "Having Troi put on a damn uniform?" he says sounding like gruff Jellico "Give me a break. This was an officer on a ship running around with her boobs hanging out?"

So now you know why Marina Sirtis' wardrobe changed during Star Trek TNG, sniff. Which Star Trek pick gets your thumbs up?: The Ferengis head, Lwaxanna Troi or Deanna's lowcut USS Enterprise-D Uniform?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers


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  2. Looks like she is wearing the captain's shirt only. She's a lovely lady to be sure.

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  3. I did not mind the cleavage.
    I saw her a a Star Trek convention. The woman was as thin as a rail!

  4. I loved her original outfits, but I always thought her finally having a uniform was a promotion of some sort that I missed. lol

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  6. I think she should have been in uniform from the start. But then boobs don't do much for me. I am sure most men enjoyed seeing her in these costumes. However, she was an officer so she should dress the part. Didn't know/remember that they got married.

  7. Troi was, at first one of my least favourite characters and then she became one of my favourites. I mean, in the first season, she kept saying, I sense he is upset...any person could do that! Anyhoo she became invaluable. I liked her light blue dress outfit but was also glad she was finally in the blue uniform. Loved her mother and the mother's helper who never spoke. That last film was...not the best. Tom Hardy was great as a villain but I felt it was a cop out that she married Ryker. I loved it that she was becoming involved with Worf. Ahh-Star Trek: Nemesis. Didn't they marry on Earth?

  8. It's actually a trick question (presumably). They got married on Earth, but were on their way to Betazed (and the much-feared nude ceremony, Mr. Worf) when Shinzon's antics got in the way. As to whether or not the second wedding actually took place is anyone's guess. I love Nemesis. Troi's best moments, however, occur in First Contact. First Contact occurs on 4/5/63, by the way, which is now only 47 years away...

  9. She is a stunner - but yes, uniform all the way makes sense to me. But then I am not a producer. Or writer. Or anything really.

  10. You had me at Low-Cut... :)

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  11. I hate to say it but I've never been a huge fan of Deanna. There was never anything I didn't like, but equally there was nothing about her that ever grabbed me.

  12. Deanna looks good in anything. Even still, I was not a big fan of her early costumes. I think it was a step in the right direction when she put a normal costume on. Capt. Jellico just said what everyone else was thinking.


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