Friday, April 08, 2016


F is for Fabrini but who are they? 10,000 years ago, The Fabrini built an asteroid spaceship "Yonada" to carry their descendants to safety before their star went supernova. Star Treks classic (For the World is Hollow and I have touched the Sky,) is a touching love story and mission of survival. Yonda is run by the cranky "Oracle" with High Priestess Ruler Natira (Kate Woodville) worshipping her God computer which speaks and demands obedience.... so perfectly hilarious.

The ship itself is 200 miles in diameter, constructed by Fabrini's brightest, installed with sublight propulsion drive, life support systems except now the "Oracles" guidance systems are broken. A big deal has arisen because the Yonda is going to smash into an inhabited M-Class world, Daran V. The plot thickens when Bones discovers the book of knowledge. So now its the perfect job of Kirk vs the Oracle but what about the Prime Directive of non-interference?

At the beginning of this episode Dr McCoy shocks us all. Xenopolycythemia has no cure!

Captain Kirk is stunned. Who?
Dr McCoy: He has one year to live at most.
Kirk: Who is it?
Dr McCoy: The ships Chief Medical Officer.
Kirk: You?!?! 

(Are you like f###~king kidding me?) 

Why doesn't Kirk like totally flip out?

So what now?  The ships dying Dr McCoy's falls in love with the beautiful High Priestess Natiri. Awwww shucks.... Of course the evil Oracle is the only one standing in the way with the secret cure for his cursed illness......  but I won't spoil the ending on you.

Which Star Trek actor is the Oracles voice?

1. William Shatner
2. Walter Koenig
3. Jimmy Doohan

Live Long and Prosper trekkers


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The Oracle has no accent, so I'd say Shatner.

Jeffrey Scott said...

I hate when I'm dying with an incurable disease and then fall in love with a high priestess. It happens to me every Saturday. I wish it wouldn't.

Elephant's Child said...

Love the title. Fabrini makes me think of laundy products though. Lemon scented pre-wash? Apply Fabrini and those pesky stains (and/or diseases) are gone...

Susan Kane said...

Always felt sorry for Bones in this episode. It was a "damned if I do and damned if I don't" dilemma.

But I don't remember how it all worked out. Yikes!

cleemckenzie said...

I love hokey and this was some of the best! Couldn't recognize the computer god's voice, so it must be either 2 or 3.

Deborah R. Hawkins said...

I just watched an episode where the people worshiped a computer, and another where it was androids under a super-android. lol

Birgit said...

The voice has to be James Doohan since he did so many. This was fun and hokey and the prime directive always got "misplaced"

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