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Happy New Year Everyone! On 21st May 1987 Gene Roddenberry's brand new TNG crew was splashed all over the Phoenix Newspaper. At first reactions were mixed. Set 100 years in the future (2364) not everyone was convinced TNG would succeed with a bald guy in charge instead of Captain Kirk commanding the Enterprise and her crew. Of course trek wouldn't have scored big and prospered without all these beautiful females to serve and defend king and starship.
Troi's cheerleading outfit was a classic, so heres some TNG women armed to the teeth although it does beg the question doesn't it? Why was Tasha Yar the only one allowed to carry a phaser?

At the time Star Trek the Voyage Home hit cinema screens trekkies were all hooked on the classic crew. So when agents for William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy rubbed studio executives noses in the dirt for more cash, treks leading stars signed a 2.5 million deal each and the fourth ''Star Trek'' movie was produced in 1986.

This year Star Trek The Next Generation celebrates its 30th anniversary. When TNG premiered in September 28th 1987 my eyeballs melted onto the TV screen along 27 million other fans. Thirty years on TNG is still on the air thanks to the organizational wizardry of visual effects maestro Ronald B Moore and his unique special effects. He developed systems to help organize massive projects, contractors and other elements needed to produce TNG's weekly special effects.


 In todays technological computer age HD and CGI allow moves which were impossible with model ship and motion control. However ST TNG set the new standard. Yes it took years for computer generated ships to be used more and more. but TNG was there from the beginning. I couldn't find the images used when filming the Enterprise-D going to warp so heres the link instead.

Captain Picard's galaxy class starship (USS Enterprise NCC 1701) launched on stardate 40759.5 from the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on time. The Federation's flagship was a beauty, bigger, better, faster and loaded with extravagant technological capability - not to mention firepower and word spread. Yet TOS had a number of episodes written by major SF authors delivering cracking punchlines, wit and great stories for characters like Kirk, Spock McCoy and Uhura.

The greatest thing for me is Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek embraces a future of unlimited possibilities using twentieth century science to "make it so" in the 24th century. So now we've got starships, warp drive, dilithium crystals, transporter beams, phasers, replicators, Romulan cloaking devices, warbirds, tricorders. References to the Persian Gulf, Central America, Aids, and Captain Picard's TNG crew hopping from planet to planet was the New Star Trek in 1987. How times have changed yet again with the arrival of nutrek and Star Trek Discovery.


 Isn't the 24th century cool?
Which show are you a fan of TNG, TOS, DS9, VOY or ENT?
Heres the low down on why Wil Wheaton quit Star Trek. Did he choose wisely?
Paramount Pictures sold a 78 inch model USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D at Christies auction for a princely sum.  Was it....

1. $750,000
2. $550,000
3. $350,000

Live Long and Prosper!


  1. I was there with the rest of the fans, glued to my set. Now that I've had a chance to watch the original series several times, those first couple years were a bit cheesy. We should be thankful networks gave shows a longer chance to prove themselves back then.
    I'm guessing it went for $750,000. At least.

  2. I'm still trying to get my head wrapped around the 30 years! That long? Seriously? I was a Trekkie from the beginning. I still have a fondness for it, especially the original one.

    I'm with Alex on the amount.

  3. Its great being there from the beginning guys, TNG was my second family with TOS hooking me on re-runs. I was just a wee thought in 1966 when Captain Kirk's USS Enterprise NCC 1701 warped across the galaxy. Great guess Alex but No, that leaves someone else with a 50 50 chance of getting it right.

  4. Happy New Year. I hope those anniversaries keep coming to delight fans.

  5. Has it been that long? I missed some of the first season due to a crazy work schedule, but after that I never missed it.

  6. And it, too, has lived long and prospered...

  7. TNG is my favorite. Recently, we've been sharing the full TNG run with my daughter for the first time. She loves it.

  8. I liked STNG for a while. Now it's being kicked death by BBC America so much that I really detest watching it. Would love if they starting showing DS9 in reruns again.

    Wil Wheaton's blog is a very cool read, even if he goes obsessively overboard with his hatred of all things Republican, Trump and WWB from time to time.

    Father Nature's Corner

  9. I've enjoyed all the Star Trek series. My fave Capt is Picard, and my fave female character was Seven of Nine. But every show and character had their good points. As Alex said, the original was a bit "cheesy" but only in FX. Almost all the themes and stories made me happy because the "lessons" they taught were applicable to the times (and to today, too). They posited an advanced society where diversity was the norm and all people were treated fairly, at least on the ship. The alien societies were more based on current society's bad ethics and morals and were proven inferior. It's sad to think the cultural awareness that ST purported in the 60s still hasn't come to be in our world...

    I guess $550,000.

  10. We had to fight to watch TNG in our house--my brother & I were in love with the cast from the beginning, but our dad is strictly a TOS guy and wouldn't let us watch TNG if he was in the room. (We were a one-TV house.) Syndication was a blessing for us to finally get to watch a show we'd had to love from a distance. And I still love it.

  11. I remember some of the controversy among loyal fans when The Next Generation first came out. I guess with every new version of Star Trek, there will always be those who don't want things to change.

  12. I was six years old when the original aired. My dad hated it and at first, refused to let us (8 children) watch it. We weren't allowed to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan either. lol. Poor dad--the future was simply coming at him too fast.

    Now, if they had cast John Wayne as Captain Kirk??? Dad would have lined us up to watch the show.

    I jest, but now that I think about it, another cowboy took the reins (pun intended) of another prime-time spaceship. ;-)

    Back to your question. I still love the original series, cheesy and all. I think I have all of them memorized. They aired everyday after school when I was a teenager. As far as Captains go, though, I think I'd rather have Jean Luc Picard in charge of a ship I was crewing on. :-)

  13. The original is still my favourite. I'm super interested to see the new one they're working on.

  14. 30 years for TNG cleemckenzie but 50 for the classic series and that was last year!

    Star Trek Voyagers 25th is in three years time! EC

    I'm glad you found room for work and play L Diane.

    full phasers ahead warp factor nine, Tony

    Its easy to watch TNG, A.Squid - so fun and entertaining.

    I know the shows will continue to live long and prosper GBMiller

    We're on the same page Lexa. Star Trek will always be is the best and you guessed right! Well done!

    Syndication answered a lot of prayers Su.

    Change is inevitable James, its the needs of the many......that count.

    He was the perfect diplomat Teresa unlike Kirk who fired first and asked questions after.

    I know what you mean Lynda. Star Trek Discovery has a lot to live up to.


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