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Dr Crusher's Medical Miracles

Dr Beverly Crusher is the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D and a real knockout. Since her husbands departure Beverly's bond with Captain Picard developed over seven years with some sweet solo performances in Star Trek TNG series. The actress Gates McFadden also starred in 4 of Star Trek's TNG movies. To her credit Crusher embraced a historically male driven profession in Starfleet, on stardate 2364 and became a StarTrek icon after seven years doing the show.


Her performances are supreme in "The Naked Now" where Crusher is playing an emotional, illogical female with needs, who gets intoxicated by a virus on stardate 41209.2 In fact the entire crew totally lose their inhibitions and put on a stellar job "acting wasted." How the filming party kept straight faces with Crusher unbuttoning before Picard on the job saying these lines......


"My dear Captain, you owe me something!" demands Beverly in Picards Ready Room. The poor guy tries to escape and runs for the door. "You do realize that don't you? I'm a woman I haven't had the comfort of a husband, a man." she blurts out gasping between all the heavy breathing.

Picard's reaction?

"Not now doctor.......PLEAASSSSSEEEEEEEEE"

Remember who said "she's one sweet looking broad?" in Dixon Hill's 1941 holodeck adventure, "the Big Goodbye?" All dressed up to the nines in satin and spandex, Beverly is a real tease in this episode. She hikes her skirt up, nearly trips on her shoes, swallows gum not realizing 20th century customs, wears nylons dragged up her legs and is offered Tommy Dorsey tickets, not bad eh?


The USS Enterprise-D's secret "Dancing Doctor"   fully trained in Starfleet procedures for personal exploration where no lifeforms get to play hanky, panky and what happens? the holodeck freezes up!!!

Some say the good doctor is hot and daring to venture out as the first female Chief Medical Surgeon aboard the USS Enterprise-D starship. Crusher represents the only kind of hope to boldly engage with the unknown without a phaser.  She beams down with Starfleet military officers Data, Geordi,Riker and Chief of Security Tasha Yar to Vagra II, right into the front lines! Behold terrifying Armus. -  I mean this dude was one Bad Slime with attitude and it SPOKE! Not the sort who wanted love either!

 So lets face it, we know we're watching Science Fiction, when characters like these..............
1. Dr Dalen Quaice,
2. Trill  male Ambassador "Odan,"
3. Wrathful lifeform Armus in "Skin of Evil,"
4. Android in "Data's Day,"
5. the Trill female "Odan" in Star Trek TNG "The Host"
..............get to hang out with super space babe hotness.

What say you?

 Here are the tools of Dr Beverly Crusher's profession. These "Medical Miracles" include the most advanced Enterprise-D medical equipment and procedures practiced within the United Federation of Planets today.
Cryogenic open-heart procedure

1.) Captain Picard required a Cryogenic open-heart procedure used in conjunction with a fully operational sterilization field in Dr Beverly Crushers Sickbay aboard the USS Enterprise-D by Kathryn Pullasky. The simple procedure is used to repair damaged cardiac tissues using temperatures near absolute zero. Before the operation its vital to know what negative or positive markers make up the patients blood type.

2.)Medical Diagnostic Bed with the overhead scanner. Its been rumoured that NASA were facinated with the orange bed covers in The Uss Enterprise 1701 Sickbay and at the time had a good look at them. Heres TNG 24th century biobeds compare to Dr McCoys TOS 23rd Century ones.


3.)Neurocortical monitor is a small sensor device which is placed on a patients forehead to record encephalographic data. A neuro cortical monitor could also be configured to noify medical personnel when preprogrammed readings are detected.

4.)Dr Beverly's Hypospray! Never beams down without it. So now the Hypo will be used by Enterprise-D's highly trained Sickbay staff (for subcutaneous and intramuscular administration of medication) to keep Picard knocked out while he gets a new heart. The hypospray has become an inspiration for real-world engineers who have invented devices based on this "device" for extremely fine, high pressure, aerosuspension delivery system eliminating the need for needles.

5.)Dr Beverly Crushers Tricordrazine. This drug neurostimulant is usually administered subcutaneously. Trycordrazine was successfully used to stimulate neural activity in Commander William Riker when he suffered neural injury on an away mission on planet Surata IV. Tricordrazine is based on the lifesaving medical wonder drug treatment Cordrazine.

6.)The Somnetic Inducer is small neural padd recommended by Dr Crusher to induce sleep in humanoids. So when Geordi complains he's been having a bout after some brain washing to turn him into a killer assassin, the good doctor isolates a slight abnormality in the visual cortex and recommends a complete examination at Starbase 36. Does she think anymore about it? Nah We're all one big happy Enterprise family! Geordi is one of the Good Guys. So in 2367 Crusher hands La Forge a somnetic inducer to fix the malfunction in his VISOR suspected of causing him insomnia.

7.) The Medical TR-580 Tricorder is a multipurpose compact scientific device with sensors, computers and a database capable of downloading and scanning for convenience. Dr Beverly Crusher usually carries one on away missions. State of the art technology has enabled the completion of starship missions and operations successfully. Specialized tricorders are available for engineering, scientific or medical applications. Various creators have modified the design over time, Wah Chang, Brick Price, Bill George and Rick Sternbach.

8.)Dr Crushers Sickbay computers are independent marvels of computer technology capable of analyzing and isolating complex medical problems/viruses in the 24th century. In our modern age, obtaining a vaccine is a relatively logical process of tapping into a large medical database and running a few tests.The results are fed through the sickbay labs whereby a formula is quickly processed and given to the patient.

Wow you read this far! Thanks for stopping by. I always wanted to write about the Dancing doctor, hehe.

You might also enjoy Dr McCoy's Medical Miracles.

Live Long and Prosper.


  1. I always thought she was attractive.
    Never go anywhere without the hypospray!

  2. I'm always impressed by the naming skills of these writers. They do come up with some memorable ones.

  3. We need her, and her equiptment, in the here and now...

  4. She was always one of my favorite characters on the show.

  5. She took the brief hiatus for one year but the sultry redhead was back and I always liked her. I wonder what Gates McFadden is up to now

  6. She was an interesting character.

  7. Excellent character profile. We're watching TNG with our daughter now and we are now in Season 3. Daughter likes both doctor characters but I think she prefers Crusher.

  8. Dr. Crusher had so many sides to her! Loved each one.

    One of my favorite episodes was when Beverly returned to her grandmother's funeral, where she met and enjoyed attention of ??Spirit?? who had pleasured generations of Beverly's ancestors. I wanted her to stay and have a good time, but one can enjoy such delight only for so long.

  9. "The Naked Now" sounds like an awesomely fun episode. I'm sad I missed that one. I might have to go dig it up.

  10. Where is Dr. Crusher when you need her?! As to Picard, he could have taken a lesson or two from Kirk's playbook.
    Visit me @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead. 😉


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