Spacerguy, the trekkie who in the year 2006 created Star Trek Sci-Fi blog. My passion began when I sat down and watched Star Trek TOS from star to finish. I was of course addicted so when TNG debuted in 1987 my eyes were glued to the screen.



I've been writing about Star Treks missions and new civilizations here at the blog for 14 years. Why does Science Fiction flow through our lives? Well, you got me but since we're all sci-fi fans here why not sit back and geek out?

Way back when I got the bug to write about alien lifeforms. Characters often have one of two choices, diplomacy or engage in battle with a Star Trek monster A.I. or alien determined to destroy or high five the United Federation of Planets. Battles can get very personal when engaged with hostile Aliens!  The majority of us are mind boggled Trekkers, Star Wars or Dr Who fans. Movies like Galaxy Quest have a fun outlook, never give up and never surrender. 

In our Star Trek Sci Fi Blog we've got Sci-Fi-treasures, Starship lists, Star Trek episode reviews, Conventions, AtoZ, Star Trek Toys, Star Trek Apps, Terraforming on Red Mars, Interstellar Space travel and Star Trek movies. - So sit back, geek out and enjoy your stay star-trekkin-across-universe.

Watching Star Trek TV shows and the feature movies is supposed to be entertaining. Characters, aliens, and starships are cool... What's not to like? Captain Kirk's departure in Generations was so unique for the Captain who said goodbye under the bridge instead of on the bridge. Did the studio actually believe Kirk's tragic departure would sell more tickets?

Enjoy the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 in what appears to be a full speed pursuit Star Trek the classic series.

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In the beginning, I used to play Star Trek RPG games online. I took the opportunity signing up as Ernie Shields hoping my Trekkie credentials were enough to pass muster. I recall the USS Audacious adventures because so many missions arose during our interstellar journeys aboard "RPG ship" and I just got to fix the ships engines like Scotty which was neat.

The good thing about Star Trek is we don't take ourselves seriously. (except you do get the occasional nerd and thats ok) 😄 Star Trek is cool because it got eight tv shows, all depicting a bright new future full of hope. 

It's not too much of a stretch of the imagination that any fan would want to live on a planet like that which is why ordinary folks love Star Trek.

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Star Trek Sci Fi Blog is an entertainment media blog. We take a look at the current trends moving in Star Trek specializing in movie and celebrity news, reviews, polls, Questions and Answers, and display fair use imagery providing fans with factual fun entertainment to thrive on..

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The scale of anticipating the ever-changing direction of Star Trek, captains and crew, TOS, TNG, VOY, DS9, ENTERPRISE, DISCOVERY, STAR TREK PICARD  give these shows a conventional sci-fi framework in which to understand them. We can't help but develop opinions and a mind of our own understanding clear parameters that space society and time can carry out a goal.

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The senators of the Emerald Garrison seen in the photo came out in force in 2011 to entertain excited "Sci Fi Fans"  and it wasn't long before the place was hyperspaced with people from all over, lol. Can you tell who the actors are in the photo? I was in the audience.

Trekkie, trekker, I found himself surrounded by thousands of sci-fi fans, considering I was a "trekkie" this was neat and in a packed Star Wars convention. Lots of people herded into the enclosed stadium which had loads of merchandise stalls adding to the extra buzz and excitement.

I met Julian Glover aka General Veers and spoke with Kenny Baker the legendary chirpy robot R2-D2. He signed a photograph for me as did Julian Glover. Carrie Fisher Princess Leia was absent as was David Prowse (who played Darth Vader in the movies voiced over by James Earl Jones. It was pretty neat chatting with Stars Wars actors.

I built this starship USS Enterprise NCC 1701 (AMT Spaceship below) with sound effects and light emitting diodes. Ahead Warp Factor 1.

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Here a page for the Top 50 Blogs for Trekkies which was quietly passing away into the abyss of blog land. I didn't let that happen, so I've resurrected it. It contains useful Insider, Blogs, Experts and Trekkie information about Star Trek websites for you to visit. There's also another list list titled Top-50-sci-fi-bloggers conversely, we're there too. So whats your favorite sci-fi monster?

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 Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers

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