Friday, November 08, 2013

Star Trek The Galileo Seven

In  Star Treks classic 14th episode, "the Galileo Seven" is dispatched by Captain Kirk to investigate a mysterious quasar like formation. "An opportunity for scientific investigation" emerges but all is not what it seems. Mr Spock, Lieutenant Commander Scott, Dr. McCoy, Lieutenants Latimer, Gaetano, and Boma, and Yeoman Mears gear up for the special mission. So far, so good.

But when the "Class F" Galileo gets pulled into the heart of the spatial disturbance, treks melodramatic drums start beating, doom, doom, doom, doom, hehe. Yes these sound effects are hilariously goofy by modern standards but you got to love these quirky sounds. These "clues" reveal when a situation is getting critical and whats going down.


Boma confirms radiation from the spatial formation is "extremely disruptive" and time for Galileo crew is running out. This is Mr Spocks first shuttle command. Subspace communication, sensor scanners and transporters are neutralized by the spatial disturbance cutting the Galileo off from the Enterprise. Its not looking good.

Eventually Muraski's ion storm forces the Galileo to crash land on Tarus II. Ion cloud radiation is also hampering Captain Kirks search and rescue operation. To make matters worse, Galactic High Commissioner Ferris is spouting rules and regulations thwarting the Captain. Uhura confirms the Galileo is pulled off course. Its a catch 22 scenario when the shuttlecraft Columbus returns empty handed.

So now the Galileo crew are on their own with depleted fuel reserves, on a planet inhabited by Giant furry aliens. Heroically, two junior crew members die defending the ship. In true logical vulcanian fashion, Spocks analytical appraisal of the furry aliens weaponry nearly sends the Enterprise's Astrophysicist Lieutenant Boma diving off at the deep end.

SPOCK: "A bit more crude about the shaft, I believe. Not very efficient"
         BOMA: Not very efficient? Is that all you have to say?

         SPOCK: Am I in error, Mister Boma?
BOMA: You? Error? Impossible.  

Perhaps Boma is being disrespectful and insubordinate to Mr Spock? Remember this is war on a hostile alien planet. The vulcans strategic logic apparently gives the Galileo crew the edge they need for survival. Except the human "unpredictable element" towards Latimers death runs high. Star Trek's Galileo Seven is so undeniably fun with such an evocative storyline. Dr McCoys emotional outburst aboard the Galileo is totally epic, lol.

"Now look, We may all die here! At least let us die like men not machines!

So when the Giant Furry Aliens come back to bash the Galileo to bits, the crew understandably begin to panic. Red Alert! Spock has an emotional epiphany! Pure vulcan logic failed to frighten the scary giants? Impossible! But you've got to wonder. Whats the point of having phasers with amazing stun settings? I bet pointy ears kicked himself for not listening to Gaetano. The poor dude actually predicted Spocks would get him killed!

Top trek tip. Don't argue with command or you'll get the redshirt treatment, hehe. Spock abandons Gaetano on guard duty, alone and ready to be murdered. Re-energizing the Galileo's fuel reserves with phasers to escape the gravity of the planet is what really counts.

Good ol' Scotty saves everyones bacon or was it Mr Spock's shuttlecraft distress flare?
Which do you think is the coolest? Who really saved the Galileo crew?

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Star Trek TNG The Perfect Mate

Three years before Bond girl Xenia Onatopp, Famke Janssen guest starred in Star Trek The Next Generation, The Perfect Mate. You may recal she played the beautiful Kriosian Empath, Kamala who makes a rather lasting impression as a cracking "empathic metamorph." Kamala senses her mates desires which is what makes her so alluring. Can Captain Picard like resist her charms? You decide.

"Nothing, Nothing lies beneath. I'm really quite dull. I fall asleep each night with an old book in my hands."
"When a metamorph finds you interesting, do not take it lightly."
"Oh, I'm not taking it lightly, I'm just trying... to be as dull as possible."

The story goes Kamala has been prepared since birth to bond with Alrik, the ruthless ruler of Valt Minor. The hope is her "bonding" will bring peace between two wartorn worlds. Its such a shame really because Kamala has such a beautiful spirit and personality. Famke Janssen is so convincing and expressive in her role as Kamala. As an empath she could sense what any dude wanted and become exactly that. So after the Ferengi incident in the cargo bay interupting her cryosleep and knocking the ancient Kriosian Ambassador senseless, Picard has to step in and spend a lot of time with Kamala. Lucky devil!

You might well ask how Captain Picard resisted Kamala's advances! Curiously Janssens spotty character makeup inspired the look of Jadzia Dax in Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Famke was actually offered the role but turned it down to concentrate on her movie career instead. She appeared in a variety of films including sexy villainess Xenia Onatopp and three turns in the X-men franchise once again opposite Patrick Stewart.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Quinto vs Nimoy "The Challenge"

I'm a sucker for these commercials. Star Trek's two Spocks, Zachary Quinto and Leonard Nimoy, battle it out for lunch. What makes this Youtube "Challenge" so awesome has got to be Balok's Cruiser sitting proudly on the shelf right beside Spock Primes chess pieces, right?

Go Bilbo!

Remember Star Trek's classic Corbomite Maneuver, when First Officer Spock comments on the game of chess?

"when one player is outmatched the game is over." except Captain Kirk has other ideas.

"Not Chess, Mr Spock. Poker! Do you know the game?" 

I love how "The Challenge" is hailing Star Trek for ol' times sake despite the Star Wars musical beat but hey, we're all friends here aren't we?

"I have been, and always shall be, your friend!" is totally epic with Nimoy's giving us his classic vulcan salute. What a trooper, even Quintos cracking up.

So who do you think is the smarter, greatest little vulcan of them all?

Live Long and Prosper, Hobbits.

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