Saturday, September 02, 2006

World of Science And Fiction

Greetings! curious and eager fans of Science Fiction. Welcome to Star Trek Sci Fi Blog. Escape with me to my world of science and fiction. What does Science Fiction mean in our lives? Star Trek has a positive influence in peoples lives, It explores a hopeful future, as opposed to gloom and doom, and general mayhem. Its story arcs do have their fair share of shape shifters and con artists, murderers and madmen, powerful beings, a giant lizard and tribble critters.

I have always treasured the "science" and detail in the fiction of Star trek. While I realise this is tv entertainment, alot happens in space. Astronauts work in space carrying out scientific research, satellites and the International Space station require maintenance. Space exploration probes are launched from earth into the uncharted parameters of the universe to visit other planets which help scientists make new discoveries.

Along the way space data and images are transmitted back to earth. Interstellar space bodies, expanding stars and collapsing stars, merging galaxies, timetravel etc are all related cosmic components of science. Lets not forget the technology used to observe the cosmos, like the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek (hehe) and NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.

Star Trek and Cosmology will motivate man today and far into the future. Scotty, Geordi, O'Brien, B'Elanna and Trip are always busy in engineering. Its a known fact, Star Trek fans inspired to become engineers and scientists have studied up on their technical journals just like their heroes Mr Spock and Scotty of course!

In The Paradise Syndrome in Star Trek TOS, Stardate 4842.6 the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 managed to hold off an approaching asteroid threatening a planet long enough for them to fix the technology on the planet and save the day. Kirk is found by local natives suffering from amnesia who believe hes their God, Kirok. Wouldn't it be great if Earth had a deflector oblelisk to steer trouble away from our little world? As it turns out Kirok weds the beautiful Miramanee native with Spock returning having deciphered how the malfunctioning deflector works. Good old Spocky restores Kirks mind but the sad news is Miramanee dies from the stoning when things turned ugly with the upset villagers on the Preservers planet below. Star Trek has touched on these exhilarating wonders of the universe in a positive, unified and remarkable fashion.

The technology used is awe inspiring. Just look at that mighty federation starship, the USS Enterprise returning to spacedock. The second of her kind to bear the name USS Enterprise NCC 1701. Well armed and fast, the first Enterprise is famous and was launched in 2245 from the San Francisco yards orbiting Earth. She was commanded by Captain Robert April and then Christopher Pike. This starship achieved legendary heights under the stewardship of Captain James Tiberius Kirk during its five year mission which lasted for three seasons. Gene Roddenberry's classic Star Trek gave us 79 voyages of unique cosmic science fiction, going boldly with fun, imagination with aliens in the depts of space. Imagine being a passenger looking out and wondering, whats going to happen next. Will we fall out of the sky or hit the spacedock? Will my Romulan Ale spill? On the other hand you could be quite relaxed and looking forward to meeting your relatives or friends.

The crew are probably excited about shoreleave, Scott's happy to let the starfleet core of engineers takeover and retune the engines leaving him in peace to study his technical manuals. Kirks getting ready to become one with a rock. Uhura is meeting secretly with Mr Spock! Naughty little devils! Hunger and starvation are no more. People seek to better themselves through education and not by the Ferengi way. The accumulation of wealth. To quote the Ferengi's First Rule of Acquisition. "Once you have their money, you never give it back"!

Thanks for reading this far and keep on Star Trekking!


Colm Smyth said...

It's great to see a blog that takes sci-fi seriously but can still have a laugh at it!

I hope to see more photos and articles in this vein.

All the best,

Spacerguy said...

Thanks Colm, Star Trek is awesome.

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