Wednesday, August 21, 2019


So analysis has begun with Star Trek Picard's trailer... after a 17 year TNG hiatus some of trek's icons have returned. Here we can see actors and crew who have changed the face of sci-fi and Star Trek. Isn't it neat seeing Picard, Seven and Data again?.... only Data looks different. Cos like remember B4? He sure was one unusual situation.... Well, guess what? Patrick Stewart has invited Whoopi Goldberg onto the show Star Trek Picard...

Brent Spiner said at Comic Con, that he's only in occasional episodes. Fans are giving positive feedback generally pleased with the Star Trek Picard trailer with arms opened wide but questions remain. Where's Worf? We also see a Borg cube with missing sections but curiously Borg regeneration chambers are visible.

Jeri Ryan stars as the hot ex-borg 20 years later... nanaprobes right? Shes like 51 but lets get serious - when you see a woman all wrapped up like Seven, she definitely makes a lasting impression.

The main characters in the show are the young men and women. Picard, Seven of Nine and Data appearing seem to up the stakes somehow because they're so likable. So who's the villain? We don't know much except a hot babe Picard has encountered whom he believes is in danger.....


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What do you say? 

 Live Long and Prosper my trekker friends.


  1. It's shaping up to be a promising series. And yes, Jeri Ryan is still hot!

  2. Ughh! I could not see the traler here but will go to youtube. Damn...Jeri Ryan is hot and I am a woman so what the heck does that say about me? :)

  3. Compared to Discovery Alex, Star Trek Picard has that magic sparkle.

    It takes a mature intelligent beautiful woman to spot the exact same virtues and be generous in heart to say it Birgit.

  4. Bringing back familiar characters is smart TV. Less world and character building needed.

    My mother always had a thing for Patrick Stewart. I think it was the bald head.

  5. TNG took off because the characters and stories connected which made it easy for everyone to like watch and love the show, Diane. All Star Trek Picard has to do is, do it again and avoid TOS and DISCOVERY mistakes, easy!

  6. I love that B4 is back. It just goes to show all over again that one of the many insipid complaints about Nemesis, that Data was back before he was really gone, was as stupid as I always said it was (the complaint, and all of them, not the movie).

  7. B4? Wow, it's been way too long since I saw any Trek. That doesn't even sound vaguely familiar.

  8. We are truly looking forward to this event. Jeri Ryan will always look great.


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So analysis  has begun with Star Trek Picard's trailer... after a 17 year TNG hiatus some of trek's icons have returned. Here we ca...