I discovered a book recently called Star Trek Memories with a curiously entertaining summary written by Entertainment Weekly. At first I thought their judgement was in error because the term Trekologists was used to describe Star Trek fans, so I googled it and yes, its on the internet, along with trekster, trekkie and trekker. Gene Roddenberry, the shows creator has spoken about the fans much like a proud father would of his children which thankfully has shed much light on the subject. It should be noted earthlings are entitled to call themselves whatever they want.

Mr Spock on the other hand, would simply raise his eyebrow and and say "Fascinating" and failing that he'd say: Fascinating is a word I use for the unexpected. In this case, I should think "interesting" would suffice.
--Spock in 'The Squire of Gothos'

I believe Trekologists and trekster while entertaining are makey up words. Trekkie and trekker are the official terms for Star Trek fans just put "old age" and "modern" before them in that order and all will be revealed. Perhaps "old age trekkie" does sounds a bit mean but it wasn't my intention. So what is a trekkie?

Trekkies enjoying geeking out with other Star Trek fans because they are happy, logical creatures, extremely passionate about star trek. Quoting episodes comes quite naturally to them too. Trekkies can be can anyone from lawyer's to the guy who cuts grass for a living. Seeking out ways to satisfy our trek cravings is alleviated by visiting conventions and watching star trek on tv. In fact anything associated with trek like the Star Trek XI movie in 2009, the Star Trek Tours in america, Star Trek Roleplay games online etc gets us totally amped by augmenting the trekkie flames of passion burning in all of us. "Trekkers" on the other hand are the contemporary breed of Star Trek fan playing it cool.

It goes without saying, that to even consider yourself a star trek fan you need to examine your own trekkie/trekker credentials.(I'm teasing you now.) Do you own your own personal phaser or communicator? Have you built any starship model ships? Can you list the best episodes, characters and technologies? How many books have you studied and which are the best ones? Who's the best captain? Theres a whole horde of star trek facts, several hundred trek episodes, trek memorabilia out there and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg. I am happy and proud to be called a "trekkie." Some trekkies such as James Cawley like to be called Star Trek Purists. If you can think of others, let the community know.

To get back to the trek synopsis, Let me explain first of all, that its a word for word writeup of William Shatner's Star Trek Memories with Chris Kreski. So far so good, until you read the end bit which gave me a bit of a chuckle. It starts like this....

The man who boldly went.....

William Shatner describes life on the set of a television show light-years ahead of its time in this collectable illustrated memoir. It's an in depth, insider's expose of the global cultural phenomenon known as Star Trek. Journey to the very beginning of the series, tour the set, hear members of the cast tell stories of how they came aboard the USS Enterprise, and so much more

Contains over 120 photographs and illustrations. And now for the best bit. Ready?

"This book should have Trekologists sifting through its pages for aeons to come"Entertainment Weekly 

Most fans consider themselves trekkers or trekkies.  So which one are you?

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkers.


B. Ann Moran said...

I am a "Trekker" in that I have a life and realize Star Trek is a TV show and movies (which I love). We always used to call people who were "out there where the buses ain't runnin'" the Trekkies. You know....the ones getting married in their uniforms, etc. Just a thought.

SpacerGuy said...

Thanks for stopping by BA. Most fans I believe identify as Trekkers.

Trekkies on the other hand have got a bad rap over the years. All it takes is for one forever alone nerd to goof out pubicly in a Trek uniform and you know what? suddenly all eyes are on Star Trek fans wearing uniforms like we're bug eyed aliens from another planet.

Trekkies and Trekkers are the most normal and friendly people I know.

Unknown said...

I am definetely a trekkie. I annoy my paerents with my klingon. By the way, i have a blog that sells sci fi and fantasy things. I dont have much on it, but i will do soon.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that most fans of the franchise don't like ST DS9 In the Pale Moonlight?

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