Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Teleportation Records dating to 1593

Teleportation events date back in time to the year 1593, October 24th. The phenomenon itself fascinated earthers of the period. It was Charles Fort who coined the phrase "teleportation." which describes the transportation of a person or object from one place to another.

So what actually happened on that fateful October day in 1593?

One particular noteworthy case occurred involving witnesses and a uniformed imperial guard appearing in Plaza Mayor in Mexico City. It was all very mysterious indeed.

The guy was recognised as a palace guard for the Governor in the Philippines capital, Manila, people recall the poor chap looking dazed and confused. All of a sudden he appeared out of no-where in the bright light of day. When the villagers asked him who he was, he identified himself as Gil Perez. However he explained, he didn't understand how he ended up where he was.

Gil Perez volunteered that the Governor, Gomez Perez Demarinas had him duly prepared for the block and gave the order to have his head taken off! It was truly Gameover! Curtains time! His executioner wore a hood and Perez heard him sharpening his axe as he ascended the wooden staircase to take his position before the jeering spectators. The executioner was a large and intimidating man but surprisingly he knelt down before him and asked for his forgiveness. Perez assured the executioner that he was duty bound to obey the Governor and no dishonour would befall him for performing the duties of his office. It was time. The hatchet man nodded and stood up. Perez realised that the razor edge blade of the axe would soon sever his head from his body, provided the axeman didn't botch the job.


The blood from previous executions stained the wooden deck upon which numerous headless bodies and split skulls fell, gushing before cheering spectators visiting the castle by invitation of the Governor. Perez felt weak at his knees and rubbed his neck before placing it on the block. It smelt awful. As a final humiliation to the condemned, the governor ordered the executioner to forcibly remove Perez's Imperial Guard silk shirt off his back which added to the immense pain and suffering he inflicted on his victims. Perez screwed his eyes shut as the blade cut through the air...

Later the Governor himself suffered an ill fate. Suffice to say no-one believed Gil Perez's story and he was arrested as a deserter and chucked in jail.

However upon close scrutiny his story actually held up. Records dating back to 1698 documenting this highly unlikely case were written by a religious historian. More witnesses testified that yes, he was seen on duty as a palace guard the day before his mysterious appearance in Mexico. Why Governor Demarinas took a dislike to his guard, who knows? Gil Perez was sent back to Manila to retake his position as a palace guard and lived a seemingly unadventful life ever after. Believe it or not actually. These are actual real life events! LMAO It seems like some is having a laugh but one thing is clear. The records while contentious are indisputable. My post gives an accurate account of teleportation in 1593 which transpired in Mexico City.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers! Enjoy Your Star Trekking.

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