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Klingon Bird of Prey ( B'rel Class ) HMS Bounty.

The Bounty's Voyage Home in Star Trek IV, is a great story arc where the Enterprise crew find themselves in exile on Vulcan after destroying the USS Enterprise NCC 1701 in Star Trek III, The Search For Spock. Captain James Tiberius Kirk together with his gallant Enterprise crew mates, heroically decide to return to Earth in a Klingon B'rel-class, Bird of Prey to face charges of theft, damage to a starship, destruction of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, saving Mr Spocks life, and the small matter of saving earth from the strange spaceship probe.

Klingon Empire Spaceships

The odds of returning in a rundown, clapped out Klingon ship did little to inspire Dr Mc Coys confidence. The HMS Bounty so aptly named by the good doctor, had all the toys of the 23rd century, courtesy of the Klingon Empire. A marvel of technology by today's 21st century standards, if we ever hope to power a ship without rocket technology, look no further. 23rd century inspiration has arrived over 200 years, ahead of our time! The year was 2285 and the earliest known bird of prey was the B'rel Class, D-12 Scout. Despite her chronic condition, it was a technologically advanced ship.

She was capable of carrying 12 to 36 crew.
Maximum speed of warp 9 for 6 hours.
Maximum cruising speed of warp 7.
Normal ships speed warp 5.
Landing Struts for set down; Yes.
One Tractor Beam Emitter.
One Cloaking Device.
No Hangar Bays.
No Separation Ability.
Armament defences: 2 disruptor cannons.
1 Photon Torpedo Launcher.
Deflector Shields and Sensor Array.
Maximum Core Output 32,350 Terawatts.
Tonnage 36,000.
Subspace Radio: Standard Klingon High Band.
Traditional Radio: RF Transceivers.
Escape Hatches and one Access Boom.
Ships Length: 109 metres long,
This early bird of prey was retired from service due to faulty plasma coils. Here she is with her wings lifted to enable her to set down.

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Star Trek IV "The Voyage Home" is a light hearted popular Star Trek movie featuring time travel and a space probe as the random element in time. I enjoyed the wit and rhythm of the film. The movie is injected with considerable humor too which works. Kirks "double dumb ass on you" and Mr Spock's "the hell I can't" is the first time we get to hear the Vulcan use swear words which is quite funny coming from him. Even Chekov gets in on the action and in his heavy Russian accent asks a cop "We are looking for nuklear wessels?" Can you imagine what he was thinking? Together four groups set out to rescue "George and Gracie" whales living in 20th century San Francisco which will eventually determine the faith of all humanity. We get to see Spock render a particularly militant punk with his "screw you" attitude quickly silenced by the Vulcan Neck Pinch. Good one Spock!! Who's the best! Who's the best vulchie? Why Spocky is!!! Sorry readers.... Quickly moving on.

In Star Treks VI The Undiscovered Country, a prototype bird of prey launched in 2293 under General Chang's command, attacked the USS Enterprise NCC-1701 A with James Tiberius Kirk calling the shots. (I was shocked silly when Kirk surrendered the Enterprise to the Klingons!) General Chang was having too much fun practising his target shooting skills, blazing fireballs at the Enterprise from the safe comfort of his sophisticated, cloaked bird of prey. Aahh well Kirk, parting is such sweet sorrow but at least you got it together in the end.

Live Long and Prosper! Trekkers.

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