Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Reasons why Kirk is better than Picard.

Here are reasons why Kirk is better than Picard. However before you take my word for it, Trekkie citizens of the Federation, warp over to who believe Picard is better than Kirk!

You tell me, is James Tiberius Kirk or Jean Luc Picard the superior commander!! Remember Kirk has saved Earth from total extermination! but don't be swayed, Here are my reasons why Kirk is better than Picard:

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Kirk faces his enemies in a final showdown, face to face and does'nt fear beaming down to planets.

Kirk knows how to defeat hostile aliens with Federation firepower and is'nt bothered about blowing them to smithereens either.

Not so on Picard's Enterprise. Jean Luc first finds out what Deanna Troi is feeling, next Picard asks for suggestions and then orders Yar to hail the enemy ship!!!

Kirk meanwhile has already given the word. FIRE! FIRE! FIRE!!!

Kirk would personally throw Wesley out the airlock!

But Picard has given Wesley Crusher countless second chances despite the crew of the Federation's flagship USS Enterprise being placed in mortal danger by the nerdlings experiments.

Kirk does'nt believe in double talk, but Picard likes informing and squealing his way out of trouble.

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Picard doesn't like to get his hands dirty, fighting mere mortals or punching. He leaves that to Worf, Riker or Data, while he waits on the bridge.(I have never seen Picard kill Klingons in hand to hand combat. Thats a joke.)

Kirk fights bad dudes all over the galaxy. Kruge was one and he snuffed out Kirk's only son David. Klingon Kruge was shoved over a cliff edge to his firey death for his trouble.

Kirk earned himself a reputation at Starfleet Academy as the only cadet to have beaten the "no-win" Kobayashi Maru scenario.

Kirk has more awards and commendations than Picard.

Kirk is prepared for hand to hand fisticuffs, but Picard prefers to converse in conversation.

Kirk seduces women but Picard shouts at them. Remember Lilly?

Kirk has a real warm human heart but Picard has a cold heart of steel.

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Kirk exposes plots, foils Klingons, fights baddies, blows up ships and has saved Earth.

Picard is the good captain guy who maintains the peace through peaceful negotiations aboard the Federation's mighty flagship Enterprise.

Kirk saved Earth by repopulating the whale species with George and Gracie and introduced them to 23rd century Earth.

Kirk's the young guy with hair. Picard is the old bald guy. (Remember I'm still skylarking.)

Kirk calls the shots on his ship with his second in command never telling him what to do. Science Officer Spock was Kirk's second in command and respected the chain of command.

Picard got himself kidnapped ten times!

Picard is French and has worn tights. Kirk never wears tights!

Kirk drinks Romulan Ale and Saurian Brandy. Captain Picard favourite drink is Earl Grey Tea!

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Kirk saves his crew members (Spock's Brain) (Search For Spock) but Picard is ruthless with his. Remember Ensign Lynch who got assimulated by the Borg? Picard yanked out Lynch's neuroprocessor in front of Lilly Sloan, whose shocked response is "Tough Luck eh?"

In one alternate future, Picard captains a more agressive Starfleet vessel during prolonged unrest with the Klingons. Kirk had to do battle with Klingons all the time during the 23rd century.

Kirk knew Tribbles made good detectives and were good at rooting out Klingon spies. These warm furry creatures with no teeth invaded Kirk's Enterprise and K7 but the price was well worth it. believe Tribbles would'nt stand a chance against Picard. Everyone at least deserves one chance?

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

For obvious reasons, I'm plumping for Picard!

Darth Nepharia said...

Actually, I like them both for different reasons.....each has their place in the Universe.

I like the way Kirk kicks ass and takes names....

I like how Jean-Luc's plots are more complicated...


The All Seeing Eye said...

Like Kirik... But I still prefer Picard.

Colm Smyth said...

Picard and Janeway are interesting, but they are artificially constructed characters, designed to represent or embody certain qualities - intelligence and literacy or humanity and femininity with strength of will.

Kirk is simply a captain; a strong intelligent and charismatic personality, but also whimsical in a way.

But I think the best captain is none of the above; Blake and Avon are more compelling because they are true individuals and because their heroism is troubled by their humanity, or said another way, their greatness is shadowed by their frailties.

Spacerguy said...

Round one to you Colm. Lol. Seeing as you've thrashed my Trek Captain Heroes in true literary style, lets take a look at Blake. You mention Kirk being "whimsical in a way" one of the Federations finest, upstanding Starfleet officers.

So what about the Great Blake? Snuffing out lives is a mere inconvenience when Blake considers the end justifies the means. One example of this was when Blake began to focus on destroying the Federation's Control centre, the computers controlling climate and commerce for hundreds of worlds. Thousands of innocent lives would have been lost. Its hardly an action worthy of a distinguished warrior.

But is Blake really a hero because he's striking back at his former jailors or is Blake an Intergalactic Terror, an escaped convict who falsely imprisioned is on a quest for revenge?

The reality is, in the real world people can't go around murdering each other because of their various conflicts. Star Treks TNG "The Measure of A Man" clearly demonstrates that all sentient beings are entitled to rights and a fair hearing. Even our Mr Data because in the United Federation of Planets we have values.

Cassandra said...

Kirk is better than Picard because... he is hotter. Period. Sorry to be so low brow. Also he didn't need the rather rubbishy catchphrase 'make it so'. Instead he had the Kirk 'punch in eth gut and then on the back' move which was considerably more manly.
Also, if he had had a thing for the female doctor, he would have done something about it.

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