Sunday, June 17, 2007

Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz

The Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew have thrilled sci fi fans with their romantic encounters over the years. Unless you've a memory like Mr Spock, even trekkie earthlings aren't going to recall who did what..... And just who rated the highest in the making out department anyway?...... What are the dreamy statistics? These are the continuing liaisons aboard the starship Enterprise. Well here's an ultimate TNG Trek passion quiz for you. Have fun trying to answer!

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1) How many women kissed Picard?

2) How many women had intimate interludes with Commander Riker?

3) How many women fall for Data?

4) How many women make a pass at Beverly Crusher?

5) How many men make a pass at Councellor Deanna Troi?

6) How many women give Geordi La Forge the Brush off?

7) How many women snarl at Worf?

8) How many girlfriends does Wesley get?

9) How many fantasy women are there in the TNG series?

10) How many fantasy men are there in TNG series?

If you know the answers like this sci fi trekkie addict, then prove it! lets see your trekkie credentials! I'll reward you with all the answers and an even better Star Trek quiz! Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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