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Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz Results

The Enterprise NCC 1701-D crew have amused trek fans with lovey dovey, dreamy encounters over the years. Remember I posted a Sci Fi Quiz on the 18th June? Well, here are the results for the Star Trek TNG Passion Quiz. I betcha you knew some of them allready! Look away now trekkers, if you want to still take the quiz. So what are the dreamy statistics?

1. How many women have kissed Captain Jean Luc Picard? Answer: 7. A holowoman in the Big Goodbye. Nella Darrin in Lesson. Picard's memory wife in the Inner Light. Vash in Captains Holiday and Qpid. Marta in Tapestry. Deanna Troi and Picard's brothers wife in Family. Not too bad for the old guy?

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2. Next up we've got Commander Riker, can you remember how many women have intimate interludes with big beard? Answer: 6. Not surprising really, seeing as he has this whole imzadi thing going for him with Councellor Troi. Ensign Ro in Conundrum. Mistres Beatta in Angel One. Etana Jol in the Game. Brenna O' Dell in Up The Long Ladder. Lal in the Offspring, although, technically she was just an android.

3. How many women fall for Commander Data ? Yes, you're reading right. Data's the brainy dude and he's Lal's father, another android! Answer: Three. Yar in The Naked Now. Chief of Security Yar was drunk. Jenna D' Sora in In Theory was on the rebound. Ardian McKenzie in The Ensigns of Command.

4. How many women make a pass at Councellor Troi? Answer: 6. Barclay in The Nth Degree. Aaron Conor in The Masterpiece Society. Riker's dad in The Icarus Factor. Riva in Loud as a Whisper. Devinoni Ral in The Price, who had no scruples. Liator in Justice. Deanna's a betazoid heritage gives her the ability to "read you" and tell whether you're hiding something, which comes in very handy for Picard when some Romulan dude is being sneaky.

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5. How many women make a pass at Enterprise's chief Medical Officer, Beverly Crusher? Answer: One. Remember Ambassador Odan? The only problem was he was a Trill lifeform hosting a weird creature inside him. That was the real Odan. The human shell was dying and was due for replacement. Poor Beverly was'nt thrilled to discover her new lover was a women!!! Still, it did'nt stop the new Trill from saying goodbye. She kissed Beverly on the wrist!

6.How many women (shame, one was a hologram) give Geordi La Forge the brush off? Answer: Two. Christy Henshaw in the Booby Trap and freezer woman Leah brams in Galaxys Child.(Geordi created a perfect hologram Leah, except she had manners) Geordi admitted to falling in love in the holodeck to Barclay. Geordi and Reginald are funny sad cases and the greatest engineers in Sci Fi history. Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott (James Doohan TOS affectionately called "Scotty" tops the Galactic Engineers of all Time.

7. How many women snarled at Worf? He's the Klingon that finds human females too fragile! Answer: 4. K'Ehleyr in The Emissary. The Klingon warriorette in Hide and Q. Kamala in The Perfect Mate. B'Etor in Redemption II. B'Etor and Lursa were blown to bits in galactic space after their failed attack on the United Federation of Planets flagship, U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D

8. How many girlfriends does geeky Wesley get? Answer: 3. Robin Leftler in The Game. A blonde in Evolution. Salia in The Dauphin. Remember the Edo episode where Wes is totally overwhelmed and melted by his superbabe experience? Rivan was that lovely beauty.

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9. How many fantasy women are there in Star Trek TNG? Answer: Fourteen and counting. There are countless numbers of women in "The Royale." Ardra in Devils Due. Minuet in 11001001. Kamala in The Perfect Mate. Crusher and Troi in Hollow Pursuits. Picard's Memory wife in The Inner Light. The Klingon Warriorette in Hide and Q. Leah Brams in Booby Trap. Countless scantily dressed Edo in Justice. Two French beauties in We'll Always have Paris. Data's dance partner in Data's Day. The murdered patron in The Big Goodbye. The nearly nude dancer in The Cost of Living. Data in a Fistful of Datas.

10.How many fantasy men are there in Star Trek TNG? Answer: None. For reasons only known to the science fictional minds of Gene Roddenberry's writers this concept never quite caught on.

Live Long and Prosper Trekkers!

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