Sunday, May 11, 2008

My God Jim, He's Dead!


My God He's Dead Jim.
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It looks like James Tiberius Kirk doesn't care about his fallen security guard but nothing could be further from the truth. I made up some dialogue to fit the photo, for a few laughs.

Dr McCoy: My God Jim, he's dead!!!

Captain Kirk: Ahhhh to heck with him Bones, we've got bigger problems to worry about like the "Eyes of Vaal" and besides. Theres plenty more where he came from.

Spock: I'm the tallest, it should have been me.

Yeoman: Captain, that poor man has a family, aren't we going to bury him?

Captain Kirk: Nahh. His body is just a useless empty shell, now come on people! We've got a mission to complete.

Chekov: Yes Captain.

Here's a classic example of one of the USS Enterprises Security guys in a red t-shirt whos been killed on the homeworld of Akuta's people, Gamma Trianguli VI in the classic episode "The Apple." In Star Trek TOS, the red t-shirt was simply bad luck! Security guards beaming down to planets wearing these jinxed uniforms were cursed, sometimes they never even made it back to the USS Enterprise.

Vaal is a ruling computerlike god shaped in the form of a cavernous mouth with fangs and red glowing eyes a sure sign hes getting angry. Kirk's landing party upsets the unnatural peaceful balance enjoyed on Gamma Trianguli and deciding to take matters into his own hands, Kirk breaks the prime directive! No surprise there. Akuta's people worship Vaal and feed him from the holy templelike altar. Vaal must be obeyed who in turn looks after the people on Gamma Trianguli VI. Kirk's crew soon learn some very strange facts about the planet and Vaal orders Akuta to take action!

Live Long and Prosper, Aliens and Trekkies!


Chris Biancorri said...

Great job

Spacerguy said...

Thanks Chris. Remember how Mr Spock discovered a low gravity brittle rock which had a special surprise in store for the landing party? The rock sure fooled Spock who tossed it into the air without running a tricorder scan on it.

"Interesting. Extremely low specific gravity, some uraninite, hornblend, quartz, fragile, good cleavage. An analysis should prove interesting."

Captain Kirk is unimpressed. "Would you mind being careful where you throw your rocks, Mr Spock?

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