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Star Trek Movie XI Tickets, Prequel clues and Images.

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Captain Christopher Pike
Captain of the first USS Enterprise NCC 1701 Starship. After a mere four years Pike received his captains stripes - the quickest in Starfleet history. He serves as Executive officer in Starfleets recruiting division. In 2250 Pike took command of the Starship Enterprise and conducted two five year missions of deep space exploration. In 2263 he relinquishes command to Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Why??? Now thats anyones guess! Origin: Mojave, Planet Earth.

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James T. Kirk.
Student of Starfleet Academy. Starfleet serial number SC937-0176 CEC. Kirk came top of his class in survival strategies and tactical analysis. Assistant Instructor in Hand to Hand Combat and Treasurer of Starfleet Academy's Xenolinguistics Club. Captain James T. Kirk will command the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701 during its historic five year mission of "peaceful" exploration against Klingons, Romulans, mad men, meglomaniac computers, powerful entities and many others.In 2264 to 2269 the USS Enterprise will explore and protect the Federation's borders, violate the neutral zone and will engage rogue villians, lunatic machines, and evil space entities on numerious occasions. These encounters demonstrate to the Federation just how dangerous starship exploration really is. Origin: Iowa, Planet Earth.

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Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy.
Student/Starfleet Academy. in 2266 Bones joins the crew of the Starship Enterprise and becomes the Chief Medical Officer. Top of his class in anatomical and forensic pathology. The good doctor organised Starfleet Academy's first Astrophobia seminar and Attended Earths university of mississipi. Bones has a hankering for saurian brandy which he only uses for medicinal purposes. Of course I'd never question the doctor's word which was I believe, said in the best of high spirits!! In 2267 McCoy will earn the Legion of Honor and Starfleet surgeons will pin more medals on the good 'ole country doctor. Origin: America, Planet Earth.

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USS Kelvin
Federation Starship Number NCC-0514. Single warp nacelle starship which is used primarily as a survey vessel. Captain: Richard Robau commanding. First Officer: George Kirk. This Starship will feature in the new Star Trek movie and engage in a firefight possibly with the Romulans.

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Student/Starfleet Academy.
Uhura is gifted with many talents and is an excellent musician who enjoys singing. She specializes in xenolinguistics and becomes Communications officer aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701. Uhura is Proficient in 83% of official Federation languages and regional dialects and becomes Vice President of starfleet academy's Chorale Ensemble. Origin Africa. Planet Earth.

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Commander of Starfleet academy. Starfleet Service Number: S 179-276 SP. Current Instructor of Advanced Phonology and Interspecies Ethics. Spock specializes in computer programming and becomes Science Officer of the USS Enterprise 1701. Mr Spock was awarded the title of "Grandmaster" by the Federations Three Dimensional Chess Organisation. In 2267 the pointy eared vulcan earns the Vulcanian Scientific Legion of Honor. Spocks half breed Vulcan/human lineage is something he is'nt proud of and a constant source of amusement for Dr. McCoy. Orgin: Vulcania.

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Montgomery Scott.
Starfleet Officer. Specialty: Engineering. Starfleet service Number: SE 19754.T "Scotty" will earn the reputation as a miracle worker aboard the Starship Enterprise 1701 and will retire in 2294 after 52 years in Starfeet. Scotty was awarded first in his class at starfleet Academy which was later revoked due to disciplinary action. He was a Former academy Aide for Admiral Archer's "Advanced Relativistic Mechanics" course and began his engineering career in 2242. Scotty will save the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise time and time again. Origin: Scotland, Planet Earth.

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Pavel Chekov.
Starfleet Officer, Rank: Ensign, Specialty: Navigation. Starfleet Serial Number: 6565827B. Chekov came top of his class in Stellar cartography and in Transporter Theory. Pavel Andreievich Chekov is an only child and an expert in advanced Theoretical Physics. He was the youngest cadet in history to win the Starfleet Academy Marathon. Origin: Russia, Planet Earth.

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Hikaru Sulu.
Starfleet Officer. Rank: Lieutenant, Position: Helm Officer aboard the Starship U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701. Sulu came top of his class in "Astrosciences" and "Advanced botany". Sulu founded Starfleet Academy's "European Swordsmanship" club. As helmsman of the USS Enterprise and later in his career as captain of the USS Excelsior, Sulu will travel around the galaxy in two of Starfeet's most famous ships. origin: San Francisco, Planet Earth.

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Nepharia said...

I already have my ticket and am just waiting until next Thursday....happy happy joy joy....

Nepharia said...

*singing* I got my tickets....I got my tickets....

טכנאי pc said...

The movie was awesome. Need to see it again, for sure. I've got to see Star Trek Xi again. The whole cast were awesome and exciting.

Star Trek Freak said...

I don't like this movie. Charachters of Star Trek meets Star Wars visuals meets a Starship Trooper plot. This isn't Trek.

Spacerguy said...

The Trek buzz is just soooo totally awesome is'nt it!

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