Monday, May 04, 2009

Star Trek Contest Winner

Today we are pleased to announce our Star Trek DVD and Blu-ray competition winner and our heartfelt congratulations goes to Trekker Fred from the U.S.A. who won by answering our contest. What is Captain James T. Kirks middle name? and as most of you will know (unless you've been living on another planet and please let me know if its possible!! because I love space travel and seeing new lifeforms.) its Tiberius! The contest is now closed. Better luck next time to all the Trekkies that entered but Final Frontier logic clearly dictates there can only be but only one winner.
Live Long and Prosper, Trekkers and Congratulations Fred!


Ryan said...


Check out this Trek spoof I saw on today:

K said...

Here's a piece I wrote on the inconsistencies of the new movie with the history of Trek. You might find it amusing.

Nepharia said...

Well, CRAP! *sniff* Congrats Trekker Fred. ;D

Frederick said...

Thanks for running the contest, it was awesome to win! Sorry all other entrants, esp. Nepharia!

I just got a call that the package has arrived at home, so guess what I'll be doing tonight and the next few weeks! Woohoo!

And by the way, I loved the movie and am going back again this weekend, and who knows how many more times?

Iris Pagan said...

I am enthralled with Uhura. See review at a whole new spin

abs said...

Congratulation Fred.
So what does the T.J. in T.J. Hooker stand for - Tiberius James perhaps???

Spacerguy said...

Ryan that spoof was awesome and K your analysis on Trek fascinated me.

Enjoy your dvds big style Fred and better luck next time to all of you who entered. Stay clued Trekkies.

You had me stumped ABS *LOL* until I looked it up. The "T.J." stands for "Thomas Jefferson" Hooker.

Mauricem said...

LOL Great contest. Too bad I found out too late. :'-(

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