Sunday, January 24, 2010

Too Much Trek.

Your family give you the slip because you love watching Star Trek so much that its really peeving them off. You tell them Resistance IS Futile!

Your girlfriend beat you because she discovered your private stash of love letters written to Jeri Ryan in Star Trek's Voyager.

You turn your attention to the Duras sisters and develop a crush on B'Etor, who is'nt half bad for a Klingon. Your girlfriend is suspicious now.

You start believing aliens will invade earth and will spread universal peace to every corner of our little world.

You have no life.

Klingons are fearless while Earthies react to fear which is the most foreboding of emotions and makes us look like softies. If only your teeth were spikey and you carried a great knowledge of Klingon swear words.....Then you could scare the blazes out of your opponents....

Its urgent you defend Earth from kamikaze madmen except you require a starship to beam them up for Neural Neutralizer treatment. Now, where is the nearest starship?

Folks smile at you and give you that special glazed look in their eyes when you explain the existence of Star Treks Prime Directive to them.

NASA are a long way off to building a proper warpdrive galaxy class starship which is'nt funny anymore. Maybe its time you built it for them.

You feel terrified for the crew of the USS Enterprise, Defiant, Voyager or deep space nine when our defenders of the galaxy are in danger. You share their pain and rejoice in meeting new lifeforms.

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies.


  1. TrekkerCat3:40 PM

    Ha -- one could argue that the RIGHT gf wouldn't mind Jeri Ryan letters...and instead would work on perfecting her the Seven of Nine costume for your anniversary... :)

  2. Hot damn you're wicked Trekkercat.

  3. NOw I wonder if my wife would want a 'seven of nine' outfit - I know I would like to see her in one!!!

  4. Go on pluck up the courage! Go for it!


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