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Encounter at Farpoint TNG

Encounter at Farpoint is the two hour premiere of Star Trek The Next Generation written by Gene Roddenberry and Dorothy Fontana. The U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D swings by Deneb IV to collect reinforcements on its way to the mysterious Farpoint Station. But all is not what it seems when humanity is placed on trial by the Omnipotent Q entity who baits Captain Picard to answer for the multiple and grievous savagery of humanity. The bridge crew find themselves fighting for their lives in a chamber of horrors with Q as Judge, Jury and Executioner! Picard challenges Q to test the Enterprise crew and judge how far humans have evolved.

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Picard's mission is twofold. Satisfy Q humans are no longer savages and establish what is behind the mystery of Farpoint. The mind twister here is where did the undisciplined leader "Groppler" get the technological tools and skill to build such a fascinating station? Captain Picard orders Riker to investigate the Bandi on the planet below who are negotiating admission to the Federation. The Farpoint's enigma deepens when counsellor Troi senses deep emotional distress within the walls of the new city with intense anger from a strange spaceship creature in outerspace.

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Picard and Troi realise just in the nick of time whats happening. The Enterprise places itself between the spaceship creature to quell its angry emotional outbursts directed at the old Bandi city. But why is this interstellar alien so cheesed off? We soon learn that the outerspace lifeform was in fact rushing to the aid of the "Farpoint Station" making Riker suspicious. Meanwhile Q is strutting around taunting Picard, doing his level best to bait him into making mistakes with ambitions of exposing the savage impulses of humans, except Q's masterplan backfires. The captain doesn't buckle under pressure who instead tells Security Chief Tasha Yar to direct an energy beam at the "Farpoint Station."

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All is revealed when viewers witness the Farpoint Station transforming itself into an alien creature capable of spaceflight. The thing lifts off! Freed from captivity and re-energized, the creature achieves higher orbit and reunites with its twin reducing the lovely Counsellor Troi to weepy tears of joy!

Its fun watching Q swallow his Omnipotent pride and admit defeat in the face of a victorious Picard, who secretly must have enjoyed having the final word.  "Get off my bridge". yells Picard triumphantly.
"I do so only because it pleases it me, Picard" admits a deeply wounded Q who gets his butt kicked off the bridge.

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The space creatures are extremely grateful and wave goodbye to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC 1701-D and their crew. You've got to admit, Troi and Riker communicating telepathically is a bit weird but this is vintage Star Trek TNG. Its hilarious seeing Counsellor "Commander" Deana Troi in her cheerleader's costume but doesn't she look great?

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Star Trek's TNG pilot has its moments with Deanna changing many times later on in the series and the Crusher boy taking a dip into a stream on the Holodeck and surviving. It must be strangely satisfying for "Wesley Haters" seeing him looking like a drowned rat.... To be fair the geekster has his moments.

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Dr Leonard "Bones" McCoy cameo appearance from Star Trek TOS was kept a really big secret during the shoot as a special treat for trek fans. His characters name isn't even mentioned in the script or dialogue! Good ol' Bones, The Admiral makes a special trip out to the middle of the sticks aboard the U.S.S. Hood but for a very good reason. He chats briefly with Data giving fans a nostalgic "McCoy flashback" with our good ol' Enterprise Chief Medical Officer, putting the brand new USS Enterprise-D through her paces obviously for personal reasons. Admiral "Bones" gives the Enterprise his best and official send off expediting the starship into the great unexplored mass of the galaxy.

"Well it's a new ship - but she's got the right name. Now you remember that, you hear?"

Live Long and Prosper, Trekkies, Niners and Trekkers.

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