Monday, January 24, 2011

Code of Honor TNG

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D is on a mission to acquire a miracle vaccine needed to combat the deadly Anchilles Fever ravaging planet Styris IV. The crew enter Ligon II's orbit and finally get to meet its proud leader, Lutan who beams aboard with his delegates. Tasha Yar floors Lutan's right hand man, Hagon when he ignores the Chief of Security inspection procedures. I like how Yar easily disarms Lutan's secondary snatching the sample medicine out of his hands before the guy even gets near Picard. This makes a distinct impression on the Ligonian leader who has been watching "the strange aliens things" very closely. The captain arranges some friendly entertainment for the Enterprise's guests and presents Lutan with a 13th century horse from China's Song Dinasty which hopefully was replicated.

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"We of Ligon have been apprehensive about strangers. We're not as technologically advanced as you but we possess something you do not. A vaccine which has been found to be an effective antidote to your Anchilles fever. If you respect our custom and we see that respect, we will be friends and we'll make the antidote available to all who need it." A round of applause follows but its interesting to note how unconvinced Deanna Troy is by Lutans grand speech. This is when the councillor should have chimed in with "he's hiding something" but she mysteriously opted to stay quiet instead! Why? In a surprising move, Lutan's springs into action and deliberately kidnaps the Chief of Security from the Enterprise flagship.

Captain Picard's startled crew need to act fast in order to guarantee mission success but instead are paralysed with shock. Tasha has vanished to the surface without a trace. Picard faces a tough test but is weirded out by Lutans beserk behaviour and fires stupidly at the planet... A review of Ligonian tradition reveals Lutan has acted honourably but all is not what it seems. Heroism, tradition and strict codes of honor similar to Native American "counting coup" need to be observed if Picard is to obtain the vaccine, who beams down to the planet.

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Tasha Yar reluctantly fights a death duel with Yareena, Lutan's wealthy wife for her position as "First One." In a greedy plot to swipe his wifes lands, Lutan declares he cannot part with Yar and pits the two women against each other with deadly hand spikes. The battle for power begins. Glee is written all over Lutans face who is secretly rooting for Yar. "The rules are known. Let combat continue until there is victory. It will not be interrupted." Fortunately for Yar, Yareena's weapon flys off her left hand striking a ligonian guard in the belly killing him.

Honor is eventually restored when Tasha strikes Yareena with a calculated killer blow poisoning her. Lutan in delighted and agrees to allow the transfer of the vaccine to the Enterprise. In a surprise maneuver, the Enterprise beams up Yareena, right at the point when she dies giving the Chief Medical Officer, Beverly Crusher, a chance to save Lutan's First One. Lutan is furious. Ligonian law dissolves their mating agreement instantaneously at the time of death. Yareena returns to life ruining Lutan's greedy plans. She ejects him from power and makes Lutan's right hand man Hagon her "First One" and leader of Ligon II with control over all her wealth and land.

Code of Honor is the fourth episode of Star Trek The next Generation written by Katharyn Powers and Michael Baron directed by Russ Mayberry.

Live long and prosper, trekkers.


Faith Imagined said...

I have trouble anticipating the differences in individuals, let alone different cultures. I can't even fathom trying to understand an entirely different world!

Spacerguy said...

Its an ancient dream, space travel... Journeying through outerspace to alien worlds requires faster than light engines. It will pit the human brain against space sickness, weightlessness and severe heart ache for Earth.

Faith Imagined said...

Maybe possible in another dimension. I like David Yonggi Cho's book, 4th Dimension. He is pastor of the largest Christian church in the world.

Spacerguy said...

with the right equipment! Robert A. Heinlein, in The Number of the Beast, postulated a six-dimensional universe.

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