Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Last Outpost TNG

In the fifth episode of Star Treks TNG, "the last outpost," the crew of USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D chases after a Ferengi marauder which has looted a T-9 Energy converter from a federation Outpost on Gamma Tauri IV. Captain Picard's mission establishes contact with Ferengi outlaws in orbit of a desserted planet which once thrived as a powerful space federation before its star went supernova. An electromagnetic power surge fires upon the Enterprise so Picard decides to fallback. Curiously both ships are seized by a powerful energy forcefield which drains their power systems and lifesupport paralysing them in the Delphi Ardu star system. The Ferengi's impressive spaceship design makes them appear technologically savvy to the Federation but all is not what it seems. Is it possible the Ferengi have immobilized the Starfleet's flagship with a vastly powerful weapon?

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Worf " I say fight sir, theres nothing shameful falling before a superior enemy."
Picard "And nothing shameful in a strategic retreat either."

This episode is loaded with heroic metaphors. Riker "He will triumph who knows when to fight and when not to fight." Sun Tzu. Geordi Laforge shines briefly in Main Engineering as Chief Engineer when he rolls out a proficient plan which should have broken the Enterprise free from the forcefield trap at high warp. Fortunately, Deannas Betazoid instincts saves the day when she redirects everyones attention away from the Ferengi ship focusing instead on the Tkon planet. But time is running out and with the powerdrain constantly sapping the Enterprise's warp engines, Worf and Yar suggest going out in a blaze of glory.

Captain Picard nearly surrenders the USS Enterprise-D until Daimon Taar contacts him asking to be spared offering the lives of his first officers in return. A plan is eventually hatched when the Enterprise teams up with the Ferengi "traders" who value commerce above all else. The first Ferengi is played by Armin Shimerman who also plays a regular character, Quark, in Deep Space Nine. Away teams beams down to investigate the planet amidst the remains of a seemingly lifeless outpost some 600,000 years old.

Data reports tricorders are useless and dead communicator contact with the Enterprise means they're on their own. Fortunately a sleeping portal reawakens just in the nick of time materializing after the Ferengi surprise attack on the Enterprise away team. Portal is disappointed with the Ferengi's closed and warlike wisecracks accusing the "human criminals" of treachery and deceit. "and they shamelessly clothe their females...... inviting others to unclothe them, the very depth of perversion!!" Tasha Yar fends off Mardocks advances as he closes in on her. "Paws off Ferengi!"

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"Speak Barbarians Speak, who makes the Challenge? who will it be?" Portal63 transforms himself into a humanoid biped and challenges Riker to enter the Tkon Empire. Riker passes Portals test of courage by conquering his fear in the face of certain death with complete composure. Riker "Fear is the true enemy, the only enemy." Sun Tzu. The guardian of the Tkon empire is satisfied Riker has met his challenge with civilized common sense and releases their starships with full power restored to the engines. Something to write home about eh, trekkies?
Live Long and prosper!


Anonymous said...

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Spacerguy said...

Thanks. Stay tuned for more Star Trek action, space exploration and mysterious energy lifeforms. Engage!

Spacer Guy said...

The Ferengi are such original characters with great back stories and yet their only purpose seemed at first to amuse their Federation/alien friends.I believe this 1st season of TNG attempted to prove these dudes were serious menacing characters. Yet here's the thing. Armin Shimerman's initial debut while impressive combined with the other comical "joke" Ferengi's was just like a day at the circus, RFLOL.

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