Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Time travel concepts

In H.G. Wells Time Machine, the time traveller shares his wondrous and terrifying voyages which interprets the nature of time in worlds the traveller visits. He projects himself far into a future where man has evolved into two distinct species rooted in time proving that the space time continuum is fixed and can't be changed. Looking at this phenomenon, time travel can be achieved in so many different ways.

1. The Time Machine was introduced in 1895.
2. The Guardian of Forever was a sentient arch pulsating with power that created a new beginning for entire civilisations just by stepping through its time portal.
3. A slingshot around the sun did the trick in Star Trek IV.
4. Suspended animation is another way for the time traveller to visit the future. He awakens from his deep freeze cryogenic sleep and experiences the culture shock.
5. Back to the Future features Marty McFy going back through time in his beefed up DeLorean time-machine in 1985.

What is your favorite time travel theory? H.G. Wells Time Machine, where the constant flow of history is fixed in time or Gene Roddenberry's Star Trek universe where time travel can radically alter the evolution of the timeline?

Live Long and Prosper, Time travellers.


Anonymous said...

the tardis

Spacerguy said...

Its great when the tardis zips through a time vortex with Dr Who changing the course of history, past, present and future. I remember the Daleks from my youth. They were my favorite "baddies" in this show.

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