Sunday, April 03, 2011

The Great Crystalline Entity

The Crystalline Entity is a fascinating space born lifeform whose amazing structure is quite beautiful to look at. Its elegant mass sparkles like a giant snowflake, allowing it to travel through the galaxy at high warp. However its exact origin and purpose is unknown.

In Star Trek's TNG "Datalore" fans encounter Data's deadly brother Lore and the great Crystalline Entity who've been in cahoots together all along!

 The entities constant hunger for energy meant it thrived by feeding off the organic energy patterns of unsuspecting human lifeforms! I believe the creatures hungry appetite for living energy was its major weakness.

It needed to convert entire civilizations, vegetation and bacteria to power its electromagnetic anatomy. Humans were in essence its main source of food with crippled starships and a trail of carnage usually left behind in its wake.

In Star Treks TNG Silicon Avatar the race is on to stop the crystalline entities interstellar feeding frenzy. Starfleet calls in xenologist expert Dr Kilia Marr to locate and establish communication with it. Captain Picard was initially enchanted with the space creature but Dr Marr had other ideas.

 Her son was "consumed" along with the other unfortunate inhabitants of Omicron Theta Colony in 2336, home planet of androids Commander Data and Lore.

The big breakthrough came when Dr Marr emitted a series of graviton pulses from the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-D science station. A sparkling Christmas tree structure rushes up the Enterprise view screen in response to the doctors signal. The bait worked, its the Crystalline Entity!

This was the Enterprise's first successful contact with the Crystalline Entity and hello from the people from earth. I can only imagine how overjoyed snowflake felt when it realized the Enterprise was calling it.

The graviton pulse emissions make direct communication between the ship and Crystalline Entity entirely possible except something goes terribly wrong.... Does Data possess the secret to the Silicon Avatars deadly power? Can the Enterprise-D crew find an alternate source of energy for the creature before its too late? What do you think of the Blu-Ray remastering?


  1. OOoh, Crystalline Entity! Preeeetty!

  2. Interesting! Thanks - I do remember this from StarTrek and I remember it kind of creeping me out!

  3. wow, I think I'll go back to some Star Trek movies if your posts keep being so good! :)

  4. You know, as much as you know about Star ever thought about writing fan fiction? Or heck...a space novel on your own? You're pretty good with word useage.

    As usual...great post!

  5. Oooooooh! Purtiful! You know... I watched and enjoyed Star Trek with some regularity, but it has been a LONG time...

  6. I remember that episode!

  7. I remember it too; It was stellar!

  8. Your blog brings back many memories,My late husband was a Star Trek fan. thanks for the memories.

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