Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kirk vs the Gorn

A mysterious alien race called the Metrons intervene and transport two starship captains to a planet where Kirk and the Gorn are given a choice. Fight or die and whoever is victorious saves the lives of his crew. The thing is see, Captain Gorn destroyed the Earth outpost on Cestus III and claimed it was an intrusion into Gorn territory. Now Captain Kirks got major issues with that kind of crap. You just can't let aliens get away with that kind of stuff especially when it undermines the peaceful harmony currently enjoyed within the United Federation of planets which Starfleet is sworn to protect.

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Here is a large, immensely powerful, hissing, reptilian creature with sharp claws and spikey, sharp, teeth. Thats right he's the Gorn. Look at the color of the its scaly skin and the fierceness of those terrifying teeth. When I watched Star Trek TOS "Arena" episode for the first time I was highly entertained by the worst Star Trek fight of all time but something puzzled me. The lizard Gorn's character played by both Gary Coombs and Bobby Clark demonstrates a true warrior bred for fighting. This alien creature obviously means business! I mean watch how easily the lizard creature catapults that massive rock at Captain Kirk! The Gorn is strong but being a lizard sure can be major drag sometimes! Poor Captain Kirk has to engage this beast in a fight to the death. Now I have to ask why doesn't the Gorn just chomp off Captain Kirk's head when he gets him in the deadly wrestling grip?


L.G.Smith said...

Ha! I loved that episode. So campy.

Nimoyfan said...

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TheyCallMeVarmit said...

I agree with L.G. campy, but that's what made it so awesome. worst fight scene ever = cult classic lol.

The Gathering said...

Love it! Doesn't Capn' Kirk end up making a missile in that episode? I think I recall a Myth Busters episode about that.

Spacerguy said...

I know the Kirk/Gorn fight is a real classic, so epic. I laugh every time I watch Arena. Its truly awesome.

Jeffrey Scott said...

I hope we get a new Gorn fight in the new film.
I want a rematch!

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