Thursday, April 21, 2011

Realistic Reading

Really short messages are just as good as really long messages in fact they're better. Twitters success is based on getting your point across quickly "called tweets" using only 140 characters or less. I've broken a cardinal rule by mentioning Twitter but who really cares? Twitter is good for reporting realistic, rapid, relaxing, randomized, respectful, rumors to its ready, resolute and resourceful readership.


Jeremy Blythe said...

Which Kirk is best? Pine or Shatner? Enter the debate and have your say at

nutschell said...

great post filled with R words. :) Great meeting you through the A-Z!


Faith Imagined said...

So true!

Angela Felsted said...

This is a good short post, and it proves your point.

Spacerguy said...

I will find time to enter the debate Jeremy.

Short is definitely good. Thanks Nutschell.

Good to see you again Faith.

A stitch in time saves nine, Angela.

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