Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Take it easy with Earl Grey.

Hey isn't important to treat yourself and relax with your favourite beverage once in a while?

Theres nothing quite like a sip of Earl Grey hot in the morning to kick start the nerves.. It got that magic mix of delicate bergamot tea leaves and lavender oil which makes you feel like reaching for the stars. So go on take a chance and spoil yourself with a finely brewed cup of Earl Grey tea. Or maybe you've already taken the plunge? Captain Picard loves the stuff. My first sip got me to pull myself together and made me realize... Just whats all the fuss about?. . Its got that special quality blend which tea lovers expect in a hot cup of tea that tastes so darn good. Its only a little thing but it makes me happy. So sit back and enjoy the rich flavour and blend of earl grey tea. Its refreshing formula will help revitalize you right through to the end of your day.

Would you like some tea, Earl Grey Hot?


L.G.Smith said...

Ha! Too funny. What's he got against a nice mellow Chamomile?

The Gathering said...

Hahahaha! I love Earl Grey! Mmmmmm. Think I'll make a cup right now!

C R Ward said...

I was a fan of Earl Grey long before Picard took charge of the Enterprise, but the fact that he likes it too only makes it that much better. :-)

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