Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nimoys Las Vegas Big Goodbye

I tuned in for Star Trek's Mr Spock and up flew the LLAP hands at the end. They were fast weren't they? Heres Leonard Nimoy saying Thank you to fans as he bids fond farewells at his last Star Trek Convention in Vegas. 'It took years of diligent practise and self denial' for the great vulcan to master the vulcan salute. I love that line. After Star Trek ended in 1969, Nimoy joined Mission Impossible and played the mysterious Paris character and resident master of disguise.

Nevertheless our pointy eared alien Mr Spock just refused to go quietly. In the late 1970's Star Trek re-runs were an immediate hit with trek fans who never gave up on Star Trek TOS. Spock was back claiming he had no emotions and yet the vulcan struggled with his human half. Its fun watching Spock dictating logic towards his Enterprise crewmates supplying us with great laughs every time. Its probably why the show survived. Sadly for Spock though, the vulcan disciplines of Kolinahrfail to control the suppressed, human half trying to escape.

Star Trek just wouldn't be the same without Spock's radical philosophies challenging the human logic of his Enterprising crewmates. The shows catch phrases, wonderful aliens and light humor are great for the human soul. I suspect part of the human condition wants to be seduced by bewitching aliens, truth and knowledge but maybe like Spock our trekkie blood burns constantly with fire?


Maurice Mitchell said...

Leonard Nimoy is the greatest and best of the Vulcans. Tuvok is my second favorite. Great shot. LLAP? What's that?

Spacerguy said...

I think Leonard Nimoy is a vulcan at heart, his LLAP is his way of connecting with us. Live Long and Prosper!

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