Friday, April 06, 2012

Friendly Angel Gorgan

F is for friendly angel but who or what is he? The Friendly Angel is a mind controlling Star Trek entity who brainwashes a group of children to take over the USS Enterprise NCC 1701. We find out later his name is Gorgan. Apparently, Angel eyes preys off the negative emotions of his unsuspecting victims corrupting them to do his bidding.

Listen to Melvin Belli's magnificent voice (below). This man gained Legendary fame in the United States legal profession as the 'King of Tort.' His appearance in the classic series episode "And the Children Shall Lead" as our Friendly Angel, Gorgan is a surprise. When Gorgan's masterplan is exposed, he warns his following that their 'operation' has been discovered but have no fear, call and I will appear!

Friends we have reached a moment of crises!
The enemy have discovered our operation but they are too late.
They no-longer control the ship.
We do, we shall prevail!
They will take us anyplace we desire.
So back to your stations,
maintain your controls.
If resistance mounts,
call upon their beast.
Their beast will serve us well.
The fear in each one of them is the fear which which will consume him.
Remember how it was on Triacus?
If they resist, so shall it be on the Enterprise!
If you need me call and I will appear,
our new goal is Marcos12.
It is our new beginning, we must not fold!

Only love and happiness can stop the Friendly Angel.

Is it time to summon the Friendly Angel?

Hail, hail, fire and snow,
Call the angel, we will go.
Far away, for to see,
Friendly angel come to me!


Leovi said...

I like that F, really friendly.

Susan Flett Swiderski said...

I'm not a Trekkie, per se, but I do remember this episode. Watched the show every week, and remember a LOT of the episodes, but I never realized anyone had a blog about all things Trekkie. Sounds interesting. I'm more eclectic on my blog, so ya never know what you're gonna get there. I appreciate you visiting my blog and signing on as a follower. I'm happy to return the favor.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I remember that episode. And we selected the same word today.

Spacerguy said...

Except Friendly Angel Gorgan was evil, Leovi. XD.

Susan, I'll be back!

Alex, we could be kindred trekkie spirits. XD

Spacerguy said...

Melvin Belli got the Gorgon role because he was a Star Trek fan. He also got a role for one of the kids Stevie who used telekinesis on Sulu and Uhura. It turns out Stevie is his son Caesar.

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