Saturday, April 14, 2012

Make It So

M is for Make it so! Watch for these signs, its easy to get hooked when Star Trek is warping through the galaxy on TV! Wide staring eyes, tingling sensation all over the body, hairs standing up on the neck, sweating hands and racing heartbeats are all logical indications that the nervous system has gone into sudden warp drive.

The mystique appeal of future space travel and seeking out strange new lifeforms keeps us on the edge of our seats. You find yourself standing up to say "MAKE IT SO and ENGAGE" during the movie. Trek adrenalin floods the bloodstream sending your buddies into an equally euphoric emotional state, momentarily stimulating everyones cosmic thought pathways. Is it possible Star Trek has engaged you? The situation is grim because now you have to explain your emotional outbursts.

You are found guilty for blurting out 'MAKE IT SO!'

All indications might be a Trekkie!

Beam me up, Scotty!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Yes, I am guilty!

Krista McLaughlin said...

I'm guilty! I'm a trekkie. :)

Sue H said...

I was never a regular viewer of ST first time around, as a teenager, but later on when my son got interested it was amazing how many episodes I remembered! ;-p

How those phrases have woven themselves into our language and culture! ;-)

Just dropping by on the blog-hop - happy A-Z'ing!

SueH I refuse to go quietly!

Feather Stone said...

I was crazy for Star Trek. Warf was my favorite. I'm still a big fan of space shows, including documentries about space. Can't seem to get enough of it. Feather

Susan Kane said...

Yes, I say those phrases! Even had something in my classroom that said, "ENGAGE the brain!"

Teresa Cypher aka T K CypherBuss said...

lolol! I love this post. *guilty as charged* ;-) I was talking about Star Trek at work one day this week. It just came up in a conversation with a newer (early 20s) employee. She had not seen the originals.

Gawd...I am getting old. :-)

Great post, SG!

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

I love that there was a "Leadership Lessons" book based on Make It So at the height of TNG's popularity.

Karen Elizabeth Brown said...

I'm a trekkie from the original TV series. Yep, I'm that old! Anyway, where did Kirk actually say: "Beam me up, Scotty!"? I'm curious where it got its start.

Spacerguy said...

Its amazing Kirks "Two to beam up" and "Beam me up" became immortalized as "beam me up, Scotty!" over time Karen.

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