Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Trekmas

Remember the olden days, 3 years ago when Leonard Nimoy hosted Star Trek's movie premiere in Austin, Texas at the Alamo Draft Theater? Star Trek's much loved classic vulcan ran away with the show. Fans were originally invited to a screening of the 1982 film "The Wrath of Khan" with the 10 minute preview of J.J Abrams star trek 2009 movie. Then the fun starts, 'What happened to the film?' queried Leonard Nimoy.

Someone answers, 'It went on fire!'

The Mystery and suspense was simply wonderful sending electrified trekkie vibes blasting off into space.

'Wouldn't you rather see the whole movie?'  funs Leonard...

Robert Orci, Alec Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof originally voiced concerns about taking on trek because of its established sci-fi weight. Since 2009 J.J. Abrams has us all believing that Star Trek's original story details are unnecessary. I love watching these videos because they're FUN, NOSTALGIC and its CHRISTMAS!

 The Geek Twins: My Favorite Martian is running in the NewYear. Have you signed up yet?

Whats Santy Claus bringing you for Christmas?

Merry Christmas, trekkers and trekkies


  1. That would be cool to see!
    Hopefully I'm getting a new iPod.
    And signed up for the Martian blogfest.
    Have a great Christmas, Spacerguy!

  2. My Trekmas involves watching Patrick Stewart's Christmas Carol every Christmas.

  3. Leonard Nimoy - he is just so much awesomeness. Merry Trekmas to you too! I'll have to find a way to celebrate. :) Maybe I'll watch Wrath of Khan... :)

  4. Thanks Alex, Maurice's Alien Bloghop will be a hoot!

    Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, hehe. I love that movie, Tony.

    Merry Trekmas Krista.

  5. Nimoy is so classy. Thanks for the fun video and for joining the blog hop!

  6. I met Nimoy in 1995. He sure has made allot of people happy. The 'Martian' bloghop going to be fun Maurice.


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