Sunday, December 30, 2012

Star Trek Goof Ups

Its always fun meeting and geeking out with strange new lifeforms at sci-fi conventions. Now lets warp back in time. Heres 'Telstars' masterful spin on Star Trek in January 1975. Its such a classic goof up, its why I want to thank Fred over at MyStartrekScrapbook whos on sabbatical  Give Fred a shout out when you get a chance!

The National Star, Telstar published a story about 'Star Trek Monsters' invading the city! which is pretty cool in my book, except these monsters look a little bit suspect!

Its 1975 remember, drug crazed 'Kiss' fans boldly trekked out to New York's Americana Hotel with no worries about making spectacular sensations of themselves. Ask yourself, who in their right mind does this stuff? The 'Kiss' fan on the right is decorated with a glittery tinsel garland!

Admittedly these guys do look perfect for Halloween or even the circus. I mean, just look at how they're dressed. When I first clapped eyes on these strange sensations I nearly burst myself laughing.

Some of the girls outfits were so skimpy cameramen were tripping over their wires.

Read Fred's news clipping below.

The real kicker comes when 'Telstar' MISTAKES our glittery 'Kiss' friends invading the city....... (drum roll) for actual Star Trek Fans!!!

What are your favorite science fiction goof ups?

Is Telstar's slipshod reporting a case of mistaken identities or do real Star Trek 'Monsters' exist in our universe, maybe right next door to you?

Friend long and Prosper, Trekkers and Trekkies!


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks Kiss fans. No really, thanks. Now, go do something useful. Crash a Star Wars party or something.

Spacerguy said...

I smile when I'm called an alien freak but thats one party I'd love to be in on!

The Armchair Squid said...

Great photo!

Spacerguy said...

Thanks Squid, fun way to usher in the new year eh? Goodwill and peace be yours my friend.

Maurice Mitchell said...

It's silly that someone would mistake KISS for Star Trek Spacer Guy. Trekkies (Trekkers) got no respect in thos days.

Spacerguy said...

The media were heartless in the ol' days Maurice. Another newspaper Newsweek depicted Star Trek fans (in December 1986) as being overweight, socially maladjusted "kooks" and crazies.

nutschell said...

I have no idea why they would call themselves Star Trek fans. They look more like Kiss fans to me :)

Spacerguy said...

Its obvious the reporter is making a skit out of Trekkies, Nutschell and worse uses the printed word in his newspaper Telstar to exploit innocent Star Trek fans.

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